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Day 9 - Thursday April 1, 2010

[eL4C36] Day 9

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Objectives: Day 9 - Pedagogical templates

Today we will:

  • Explain the concept of using "instructional devices" (iDevices) as sub-elements of an educational resource;
  • Show you how to insert a WikiEducator pedagogical template.

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are finding the course interesting. Most of you are busy improving your user pages to show us what you have learned, so we can later upgrade your certification levels. We are very impressed with the progress of the group so far. There are only two days left and you will be a competent wiki developer!

WikiEducator is a community of Educators. One of our core community values is the belief that educational content is unique (i.e. it is different from other forms of content). An educational resource is different in terms of its purpose, structure and format when compared, for example, to a newspaper article, or a novel.

Those of you with experience in distance education will be familiar with the educational elements that are embeded in our teaching materials. For example, learning objectives and in-text activities etc. Working through our WE tutorials you would have noticed the special layout we use for learning objectives, discussion activities, teaching tips. In our wiki jargon, we call these pedagogical wiki templates. Templates are pre-designed to save you time with more complex layouts required of instructional materials.

Today you will learn how to set up these pedagogical templates into your pages.


1) Work through Tutorial 9 on Creating and Using Pedagogical Templates.

2) Insert at least one pedagogical template on your user page, this will be required later for your certification as a Wikibuddy under the WikiMaster programme on WikiEducator.


Here is a comprehensive list of all the Pedagogical Templates. You can download a cheatsheet for Pedagogical Templates here

Please don't forget to leave us feedback under Wiki Questions and Support page. It will help us improve the course :-)

Thank you.

Gladys Gahona
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Nellie Deutsch

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