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Day 1 - Monday March 22, 2010

[eL4C36] Day 1

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Objectives: Day 1 - What is a wiki?

Today we will:

  • Provide an overview of what wikis are,
  • and show some examples of their different uses.
  • discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using wikis to develop content,
  • and introduce the main features of WikiEducator.

Hello everyone,

Welcome to eL4C36 free wiki skills training workshop on WikiEducator...
This is a self-paced 10-day online workshop with facilitator support from Gladys Gahona and Nellie Deutsch.

Today we will introduce L4C participants to the world of wikis. Learning wiki skills are required for the development of well formed Open Educational Resources (OER's) on Wikieducator in collaboration with peers.


   1. Explore the various eL4C36 workshop pages by clicking on the links displayed at the top of every workshop page (eL4C36 Workshop navigation template). If you already have a user account, feel free to start posting on the Wiki Discussions threads. These pages are designed to empower your collaborative editing skills.
   2. If you haven't done so yet, please introduce yourself to the group at WikiDiscussions Introductions thread.
   3. Watch the video on Wikis in plain English hosted on YouTube.
   4. Read through WikiEducator's Tutorial 1 on What is a wiki?
   5. Post your thoughts, ideas and feedback on the quality of open authoring approaches at the Wikis thread.

If you haven't done so, please download, fill in and sign the learning contract, email to eL4C36. WE is a community project and the L4C initiative will provide you with free training, in return we ask that you donate a little of your knowledge by developing one teaching resource for yourself and others to share.

We are watching all of the activities in the course. If you are having any difficulties please contact Gladys or Nellie. It can be challenging at the very beginning, so feel free to ask. We are online most of the time and will respond ASAP!!

Have a great day!

The Facilitators of eL4C36

Gladys Gahona
WikiEducator Page

skype: chela5808

Nellie Deutsch

WikiEducator Page


skype: nelliedeutschmuller

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