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Day 10 - Friday April 2, 2010

[eL4C36] Day 10

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Objectives: Day 10 - Thinking about structure

Today we will:

  • Explain the parent - child relationship for creating structured content;
  • Show you how to create a sub-page

Dear Friends,

We have reached the end of our workshop with the posting of the Instructions for tomorrow. It has been an absolute pleasure seeing you acquiring your skills and we hope you will come back for more and feel inspired to wrap your head around developing Open Educational materials which will make a difference in your own environment and/or in the lives of others.

Wikis are basically platforms for building complete websites comprised by lots of pages. You may wish to have users navigate through other pages of your educational resource to find related content, a neat technique for effectively link related pages of an specific resource is creating subpages.


1) Work through Tutorial 10 on Thinking about Structure.

2) Please remember that you can make a contribution to the growth of our WE community… you are now part of our family. Please feel free to invite your friends or colleagues to join one of the upcoming workshops. Send an email to at least two friends or colleagues telling them about your experience in WE and send a personal invitation for them to join an online training session. Remember to include a link to the L4C home page and the Registration page.

3) WE appreciate your feedback, add as much as your wish to our WikiDiscussions thread: WikiQuestions & Feedback. Help us to improve the workshop.

One more week:

We are still here to answer your questions, even after the workshop, so feel free to write. The forum will remain open for another week or so, before all of you will be unsubscribed to make room for the next group.

A big thank to all of you

You should be proud of yourselves, you have worked hard to become skilled WikiEducators, ready to learn and collaborate with others on the development of helpful learning resources so... celebrate your achievements!!!.

We will be shortly visiting your User pages for the purpose of watching your progress and updating your certifications according to our Wikimaster typology. We are very happy to announce the workshop has a significant number of WikiApprentices who will shortly become WikiBuddies... Cheers for that :-)

WE hope you enjoyed the collaborative learning experience!!!

Gladys Gahona
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skype: chela5808

Nellie Deutsch

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skype: nelliedeutschmuller