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Day 7 - Tuesday March 30, 2010

[eLC436] Day 7

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Objectives: Day 7 - Collaborative Editing

Today we will:

  • Introduce the idea of Wiki ethics,
  • explore the Recent changes page and how we can monitor every edit in WikiEducator,
  • take a look at the diff & history links, and
  • learn how to Revert a page to previous versions.

Hi Everyone!

As you know, wiki environment allows registered users to edit most of the pages. You might want to keep track of certain pages by adding the pages to your watch list. Today you will learn how Wikieducators collaborate by editing others' pages, how to revert undesired editions, and learn a few tricks on how to monitor activity on the wiki.

Today we will also learn how to revert a vandal entry in the wiki in the rare event that this happens. Many educators are concerned about the openness of wiki editing, so today we'll demonstrate and teach you how to revert an edit in the wiki.


  1. Today, you should work through Tutorial 7 on collaborative editing where you will learn a few neat tricks on how to monitor activity on the wiki.
  2. You will also learn how to revert an edit which you should practice on your user page. We are looking forward to your assignment tomorrow where we will use one of our communication tools on the wiki. Please do your best to update your user page -- We are going to ask participants from this group to provide feedback and suggestions on the user pages using these communication tools.
  3. Please remember all instructions can also be found directly on the wiki at eL4C36 Workshop Day pages

Some feedback for you

We have been really impressed with the progress you have recently made. The Wiki is a powerful tool and you are just learning how to use it to your advantage as I am sure all of you have had already plenty of ideas of how you can implement the newly gained knowledge into your work. Congratulations to all of you :-)

Those of you that have joined us over the weekend or couldn't spend as much time as you might have wanted to, please don't give up, there is still enough time for you to catch up.

Warm regards,

Gladys Gahona
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skype: chela5808

Nellie Deutsch

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skype: nelliedeutschmuller

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