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Workshop Dates and Facilitator contacts

The workshop ran for 3 days from 17th- 19th December

Vincent Kizza

Tel: 256-312130
Email: vkizza2001@yahoo.co.uk


The facilitator wishes to express profound appreciation to the following without whom this workshop would not have been possible:-

  • COL for the sponsorship of the workshop.
  • Mr. Victor Mensah,who despite his heavy office demands,agreed to co-facilitate this workshop.We will eternaly be grateful to him.
  • The foresighted Gayaza High School Administration for accepting to host the workshop.
  • The support and technical staff at the School
  • The distinguished participants whose zeal and hardwork saw us to the end.

Introduction and Background

This was the inagural face-to-face L4C workshop in our country Uganda.


The venue of the workshop was Gayaza High School,a top Uganda girls school,15km from the capital city Kampala.


In all there were 24 participants who turned up out of the expected 30,all of whom except one signed their learning contracts. Of these,10 were females.22 were secondary school teachers and 2 were teachers in training from Makerere University.

Zambia Victor Mensah Male CYPRCA Programme Manager mensah.victor at gmail dot com 00260 97 8404 739 FACILITATOR
Uganda Vincent Kizza Male Gayaza High School Teacher vkizza2001@yahoo.co.uk +256-0712312130 FACILITATOR
Uganda James Lukenge Male Makerere University Student Lukenge111@yahoo.co.uk +256-712 204 835
Uganda Ronald Ddungu Male Gayaza High School Deputy Head teacher/ICT coordinator ronaldddungu@yahoo.com +256772433879 Signed.
Uganda Richard Kyakoonye Male Gayaza High School Educational Officer Kyakoo2000@gmail.com +256755510047 0r +256712510047 Signed.
Uganda Lucy Nakiboneka Serunkuuma Female Gayaza High School Interface Systems Analyst/Education Officer lserunkuuma@yahoo.com +256-772-416197 Signed.
Uganda Stanley Mayanja Male Hope High School Teacher msstanley18@yahoo.com +256-777135352 Signed.
Uganda Muhammad Bigirwa Male Namagabi Senior Secondary School Education Officer(teacher) mbigirwa@yahoo.com +256-772-457687 Signed.
Uganda Alex Mondo Male Gayaza High School Teacher mondilex@yahoo.com +256-772-618422 Signed.
Uganda Christine Nakimbugwe Female Watoto Childcare Ministries:Hope High school Teacher nakimstin@yahoo.co.uk +256712588488 Signed.
Uganda Anthony Kagoro Male Gayaza Teacher anthony.kagoro@gmail.com +256-712-493989 Signed.
uganda Justine Namatovu Namatovu female Makerere universtity Student kizzajustine@yahoo.co.uk +256777518258 Signed.
Uganda Solomon Asea Male Gayaza High School Educator Officer/Teacher aseas99@yahoo.com +256 772 447 802 Signed.
Uganda Florence Namukasa Female Makerere College School Education officer namukasakizza@yahoo.com +256773123364 Signed.
Uganda erina Nanfuka Female Gayaza High School Educational specialist elnahn@yahoo.co.uk +25671535887 Signed.
Uganda Cathy Bateesa Takozekibi Female Gayaza High School Education Specialist(History,Economics) cathybats@yahoo.com +256772463260 Signed.
Uganda Mashood Safari male Kinaawa High School Mugongo Teacher. msafari82@yahoo.com +256782581681 Signed.
uganda Pearl Tendo Female lunar teacher pearl.tendo@yahoo.com +256779267697 Signed.
uganda michael kayongo male gayaza high school teacher kayongom2001@yahoo.co.uk +256392840130 Signed.
Uganda Victoria Naggayi Female Mwereerwe secondary school Teacher +256782815189 Signed.
Uganda Deus Seruwu Kasanya Male Entebbe S. S. S Education Officer d_kasanya@yahoo.com +256782419700 Signed.
Uganda Samuel Kizito Sempiri Male Gayaza high school Teacher skizito99@yahoo.co.uk 256-0772-587-008 Signed.
uganda eva ntege female vienna college namugongo teacher ntegeeva@yahoo.com Not Signed.
uganda chebet chebet male Gayaza High School Teacher miltonchebs2000@yahoo.com +256 782 068382 Signed.
Uganda Rachel Nabwami Female Watoto Child Care Ministries Teacher rnabwami3@yahoo.com 256 - 782 - 680257 Signed.
Uganda Ronald Kasendwa Male rkasendwa@gmal.com +256775194615 Signed.
Uganda Daniel Daniel Kakinda Male SchoolNet Uganda Executive and Training Director dkakinda[AT]yahoo.com +256 772 820 167 Signed.

Pre-workshop Preparations

Lesson Notes and Programme Coordination Discussions on the workshop began in October between the COL team, and the facilitators via online forums and telephone. The workshop code was L4C22 and a page created for same under the Learning4Content WikiEducator web page WikiEducator.org/ Learning4Content. Programme planning and coordination, Lesson Notes and workshop discussions were all linked to the L4C page of the WikiEducator Uganda country page (WikiEducator.org/Uganda/L4C).

On-Ground Arrangements Host searching, venue booking, participant scouting, invitations, follow-up on invited participants, technical arrangements (software and hardware considerations), contingency arrangements (batteries, power generator, etc.), budgeting, and other administrative arrangements in Uganda was conducted by the Uganda team led by Mr Vincent Kizza. Mr Mensah provided advisory services and technical backstopping for workshop programme synchronization.

The venue was Gayaza High School’s Computer lab, with a capacity to host over 35 participants on a 1-to-1 computer basis. Back-up batteries and power generator set was at hand and ready for contingency situations. The technical assistance was provided by Mr Sam Kizito, the Head of Computer Section of GHS. A day before the workshop, the relevant WE pages for the workshop were cached on the server to avoid a reduction in bandwidth speed during the workshop.

Workshop Proceedings

Day 1: Objectives

The objectives of the day were to introduce participants to:-

  • WikiEducator and COL
  • Web 2.0 Technologies
  • Learning contracts
  • Setting up a WE account
  • WikiMedia editing and formatting

Day 1: Proceedings

The day stated a bit late at 9:30am instead of the scheduled 8:00am because of the late reporting of many participants. However the day later picked pace and all planned activities were carried out as per the days time table.

Day 1: Achievements

By the end of the day,participants were able to:-

  • Acquaint themselves with WE and COL
  • Open acounts on WE
  • Sign learning contracts
  • Do basic editing and formatting.

Days 2 and 3: Objectives

The objectives of days 2 and 3 were:-

  • Take stock of acquired skills in Day 1
  • Create and link pages.
  • Insert images and other file types.
  • Colaborative page editing and interactions
  • Some content creation
  • Pedagogical templates
  • Wiki strucures and free content

Days 2 and 3: Proceedings

  • Typically,each of the days started with a 30- min practical session to finish off assignments from previous day.
  • Folowed by a recap of the previous day's work through an out door flash light session

Days 2 and 3: Achievements

Lessons Learnt

  • Pre-workshop preparation and on-spot communication between parties is key to workshop success .
  • Particpants can be encouraged to bring own laptops where applicable.
  • Basic computer literacy should be a requirement for participation
  • Provision of meals enables participants to remain focused.
  • The portion of creating new pages and links is a bit heavy on participants an should be given more time.
  • Participants sort of get scared with signing learning contracts.
  • The portion of free software/Content takes more time than earlier alloted and greatly excites participants.