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My LC4 contribution
Contact-new.svg Erinah Nanfuka
Employer:Gayaza High school
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I am Nanfuka Erina a Ugandan by nationality and an educational especialist in computer studies. I have lots of interest in collaborative work to be able to teach my students all there is for them to know about ICT depending on their educational levels.

However due to limited resources like text books and even more the sites on the internet have commercial resources, and this is the reason why I am looking forward to people who can generously share what they have.

In addition to the above I am a christian who strongly believes in the birth, death, resurrection and the coming back of Jesus Christ. So as I do the rest of my work I try as much as possible to feed my spirit with the bible scriptures, christian music and things of that nature.

I wish you all the best as you read through the content on my page just click computer theory to access the resources.


I am an education trainer in IT especially the basics for beginners. I trained in computer studies, IT Essentials, Designing AI's and others. Also trained as an educational specialist.

Have been in the IT field for more than four years and the interesting this every day there is something new to learn. That why i want to share what i have with others because they need it too.

I also provide technical support to students during there computer lab sessions.

My hobbies: I just love music oh my God! it takes alot my leisure time, visiting friends and places.

My contributions to wikieducator

The link below can take you to the detailed resources.


My optional community service (learning contract) project

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