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My L4C contribution
Contact-new.svg Solomon Asea
Employer:Ministry of Education
Occupation:Education Officer/Teacher
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Personal profile

I am Solomon Asea, a graduate Teacher of Geography at Gayaza High School. I am a self-driven and committed person with a high sense of integrity and responsibility. A person with vast experience in teaching Geography. I Have also taught Economics, Environmental Studies and Computer skills. I'm proficient in both written and spoken English, with good sense of humour, good interpersonal skills, and can ably organise and lead a team to perform tasks assigned. Major interests include the Environment, Information Technology/ Internet, sports and travelling. I am currently the Dean of studies in charge of monitoring and evaluation of curriculum delivery at the upper level of the school as well as coordinating the school's exchange programme. I also head the department of Geography and coordinate Environmental studies in the school. I am also an I.T. Systems Administrator in the school and an Instructor with Gayaza High school Cisco Academy.I belong to a number of national and International bodies or professional organisations such as the Wildlife clubs of Uganda(WCU), iEARN, People to People international(PTPI), World Water Council(WWC) and the Cisco Networking Academy (CCNA) Instructor Community.

Educational Background

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education - BA/ED(Hons) from Makerere University. I am also a Certified Cisco Networking Associate (CCNA) Instructor. I obtained a certificate of Mastery in eLearning with The WorldLinks eLearning program and training certificates in environmental conservation. I was trained by the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) as a National Environmental Education Facilitator.

Gayaza High School - My Institution:

Gayaza High School is the oldest Girls only school in Uganda. It is located in central Uganda and situated I7 kilometres North of the Capital, Kampala just off the Gayaza-Zirobwe road. The area experiences a moist tropical type of climate and lies at an average altitude of 3800 feet above sea level. It is sited on a flat topped ridge with gentle slopes.The school covers an area of 92 acres and has a community of 1,060 students, 67 teaching staff, 8 technical staff and 45 support staff. Gayaza High School was founded in 1905 by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) of England. Originally it was an all-girls’ school, mainly for daughters of chiefs and clergy, and the girls were given Christian instructions and trained in home making skills. Gayaza High School takes joy in sharing ideas and collaborating with other schools to enrich each other’s life through academic discussions, friendly matches, life skills, social dances and school exchange programs. The school offers a number of Arts and Science subjects such as English Language, Literature in English, History, Christian Religious Education, Luganda, French, German, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Principles of Agriculture, Fine Art, Computer Studies, Home Economics, Foods & Nutrition, Technical Drawing, Commerce, Music, Economics, General paper and Physical Education.

The school vision is “An empowered, resourceful and God fearing community”.
The mission is “To professionally deliver quality education based on a Strong Christian Foundation in order to produce girls competent for leadership.”
And the motto is “Never Give Up”

The core values of the school include the following:

  • GODLINESS: To lead a life according to Christian values.
  • RESPECT: To have respect for self, others, property, environment and its scenic beauty.
  • TIME MANAGEMENT: To plan for and use time efficiently and effectively.
  • PERSEVERENCE: To have determination, diligence and endurance in all aspects of life.
  • INTEGRITY: To practice and expect honesty.
  • EXCELLENCE: To shine in all that we do.

  1. Widening or enhancement of my I.T. skills and its integration in Education.
  2. increasing my opportunities of accessing a variety of open educational resources.
  3. Networking with WikiEducators to enhance my general knowledge and skills.
  4. Creating and sharing educational resourses.

I love my country Uganda. It is the pearl of Africa.

While in Uganda read Monitor Newspaper


My Sandbox


Welcome to Workshop EL4C27, an online workshop: June 1-12, 2009


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Enjoy the workshop.

EL4C27 WiZiQ Meeting
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Friday, June 5, 2009
15:30 to 16:00 (GMT)
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