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(Comment.gif: Continue Working on Your OER Teaching Resource or Pilot Project!)

Collaborative Editing...Keeping Track of Activity in the Wiki & on Your Wiki Pages

Go to: http://wikieducator.org/Wikieducator_tutorial/Collaborative_Editing

There are many powerful tools for keeping track of activity on WikiEducator's web pages, and overall activity on the wiki. Let's explore three of them:

  1. View the Statistics pages for Community Media and WkiEducator
  2. View the "History" for each page, to compare different page versions and contributions
  3. View Recent Changes to see a real-time snapshot of WE activity

Complete the three (3) activities below, and post your comments and insights on the "Course Feedback" page.

Icon activity.jpg
Exploring Statistics in Community Media & WikiEducator

Click on the links below, and answer the questions that follow:

  1. Which pages interest you most / least? Why?
  2. Which pages have the highest number of edits?
  3. Which pages could you use, modify or localise for your purposes?

Icon activity.jpg
Exploring Page History
  1. Find any WE page that interests you.
  2. Go to the "History" tab (at the top of the page), to see the page's History
  3. Notice the hyperlinks - they are linked to various page edits/revisions, as well as page authors
  4. Why would you use this function in the future? Explain.

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Exploring Recent Changes
  1. Go to: Special:RecentChanges
  2. Are you able to identify what's going on in the wiki?
  3. What do you see that interests you? Explain
  4. Click on a User Name (that is blue, not red) - what did you learn about this WE user?

Be sure to post your comments and insights on the "Course Feedback" page.

Analyse Your Contributions page

This is a useful page link to help you to see all of your WE contributions. Browse the pages that you have edited, and be sure to click the links. Observe the information in the "my contributions" page, and reflect on how you can use it in future.

  • Look at the top right of any page on the wiki.
  • If you are logged in you should see your User Name.
  • To the right of your User Name, you will see additional page links (i.e., my talk; my preferences; my watchlist; my contributions; and log out).
  • Click "my contributions" and review your contributions thus far.

Visit Your Country Page

Country pages are a source of pride, ownership and visibility.

WikiEducator has a list of countries with active WikiEducators. (If you don't see your country listed, then it's simple to create a country page ~ if you need help with this, please ask your Facilitator).

  1. Read the Guidelines for National Teams
  2. Add a link to your OER, on your Country page
  3. Please keep your Country page updated as you become more involved with WikiEducator!

Network with Your Peers

    • Browse the List of User Names and List of Participants
    • Click on their hyperlinked User Names & learn about their Work and Professional Development Interests
    • Post a comment on the Course Feedback page about at least two (2) Users who interest you, and why.
  • Be sure to 'sign' your post.