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Getting started. WikiEducators from Papua New Guinea

Hi Everyone and Welcome!

WikiEducator (WE) is becoming the largest Mediawiki skill training initiative in the world funded by the Commonwealth of Learning and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

This is a 5-day workshop (45 minutes per day) - with a 45-minute pre-workshop activity. This online, self-pace workshop (with Facilitator support) provides an introduction to WikiEducator and basic MediaWiki skills. This workshop is designed to provide a dynamic experience of the energy of peer collaboration in an open wiki format.

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When you complete these workshop tutorials, you are entitled to receive a valuable WikiApprentice certification in the WikiMaster Certification Framework.


Day Topic
Duration (in minutes)
Pre-Workshop Create WikiEducator Account; Prepare Introductory Text; Introductions
Day 1 The WikiEducator Community & Basic Text Formatting & OERs
Day 2 Basic Text Formatting
Day 3 Basic Text Formatting & OERs
Day 4 Harnessing WikiEducator
Day 5 OER Teaching Resources & Professional Development
Closing actions Completing OER Teaching Resource and joining our community

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You will learn how to:
  • set up your profile directly on WikiEducator
  • edit text and add images
  • create your own Open Educational Resource (OER)
  • search and manage your use of WikiEducator
  • consider copyright choices
  • discuss OER Teaching Resources in your own educational contexts
  • join the WikiEducator community.

By the end of this workshop you will be more knowledgeable using MediaWiki software and WikiEducator.

L4C Advance 5-Day Workshop

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Tip: Why this workshop is called "L4C Advance"

Because it is designed to “advance” your skill development and your thinking about wikis and open education – for you to experience movement and momentum. The Workshop begings with Open Educational Resources and developing Your OER Teaching Resource, in the context of Your Professional Development. It concludes with discussion about applying your wiki skills to a Pilot Project directly relevant to your workplace / professional interests, you can “advance” even further.


  • Self-Paced Online Course - with facilitator support. When you complete one day, it is OK to go to the next day.
  • Your User Page. Build your User Page and OER Teaching Resource
  • Learning Contracts - Please sign, date them, and email them to your facilitator
  • Skills Development + Feedback / Collaboration. This workshop gives learners wiki skills and experience with peer feedback and collaboration on the wiki.
  • Communication and Interaction. The facilitator will subscribe you to the L4C-Advance Google Group.
    A different subscription is required for opening an account on WikiEducator. Most communications take place directly on the wiki.
  • Timing. This workshop is designed for learners in different time zones around the globe. You may receive the L4C instructions in advance.
  • Open Office Compatibility / Offline Content Development WikiEducator is compatible with Open Office, so you can develop content when your Internet connection is unavailable or too expensive. Export Open Office content directly into the Mediawiki format that WE uses. See the Using Open Office Tutorial
  • WikiApprentice Certification. When you complete the tutorials for this workshop, you are entitled to receive a WikiApprentice Certification in the WikiMaster Certification Framework

(Comment.gif: For easy reference, please PRINT Each Day's Activities)

Get to Know Your Colleagues

A major part of the WikEducator experience is expanding your network of contacts and relationships. WE encourage you to get to know each other and explore areas of mutual interest and areas of potential collaboration.

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Key points
WE Recommend
  • suspending self-limiting patterns of belief and judgment
  • being patient and gentle with yourself
  • observing and reflect on what's happening on your wiki pages - and learn to use 'Recent Changes & the 'History' tab!!
  • recognising that WE's Community of Support can help you - if you're having difficulty, just ask!