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Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg


(Comment.gif: Continue Working on Your OER Teaching Resource or Pilot Project!)

WikiEducator Survey

Wiki Cheat Sheets

  • To help you learn how to quickly navigate WikiEducator, here are several resources. Please print them out, and keep them by your side when editing wiki pages. They will help you to master wiki syntax!

Add Internal & External Hyperlinks

  • Do the 20 minute tutorial on new pages and links
  • Begin working on your OER page, bringing the idea to life.

Use the Feedback page

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Tip: Experience the Cycle of Collaboration

The power of the wiki occurs when you experience 'the accelerated cycle of collaboration'. Communicate directly on the wiki!!

  • Read the Notes on the Course Feedback page
  • Post a comment (by clicking "edit") on the Course Feedback page, about your motivations and hopes in taking this course.
    • When someone responds to your message on the wiki, you will be automatically notified, if you have modified your WE Account setting properly.

(Comment.gif: If you are not receiving notifications, please write your facilitator along with your User Name and Password, and I will help you!)

Communication & Interaction

Activity: Your Professional Development Interests

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Post Your Professional Development Interests - on Your User Page

  • Please create a new heading on your User Page, called "My Pro-D Interests".
  • List your specific Pro-D Interests.
  • Return to the Participant List for the course, and click on the hyperlinked names of your peers to find out about their Pro-D interests
  • Click the "Discussion Tab" on the top of their page, and post a note about the Pro-D interests of interest to you.
  • Feel free to share your ideas, links and resources.

Rest & Reflection

Here is a place in the workshop to take a much needed one (1) day break: Learning happens when we rest our minds and hearts - please take the time to rest and reflect on your progress and activities.