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My Journey on WE

I got to know about WE Workshop, EL4C51 - WikiEducator Learning4Content Workshop "Becoming an Agent of Change through Openness" from September 21 - October 5, 2011, from a member in our Google group created by CIET for ICT National Awards for teachers. I am a technology explorer. I joined WE on 6th September 2011. The workshop started from 21st Sept, 2011.

Day 1

Today, we were supposed to

  1. Make an edit on our user page and introduce ourselves the wiki way
  2. Got introduced to Rich Text Editing (WYSIWYG)
  3. Learned about the published mode and editing mode in a wiki;
  • Liked the quote on the instruction page You can't learn to swim without getting into the water.

Day 2

  1. Introduced myself in the wikiforum [[1]]
  2. Watched the short video called Wikis in plain English hosted on YouTube -- a great resource which explains the features of a wiki.
  3. Read WikiEducator's tutorial on What is a wiki?
  4. Posted my thoughts, ideas and feedback on the quality of open authoring approaches

Day 3

  1. Practiced how to personalize your own WikiEducator preferences.
  2. Participated in online survey
  3. Visited OER Foundation portal page

Day 4

  1. Created my personal Sandbox Rashkath Sandbox
  2. Practiced all basic skills
  3. Created another practicing area for Wiki Apprentice level 2 Rashkath Sandbox2
  4. Applied for Wiki Apprentice level 2 [for certification]

Day 5

  1. Got Wiki Apprentice level 2 certification from Alison

Created third practicing space for becoming a wikibuddy Rashkath Sandbox3

Day 6

Day 7

  • I visited [2]

Day 8

  • Agenda- To Learn how we use the Discussion or Talk pages in the wiki, and explore some useful features like the Watchlist, and the My Contributions links.
  1. Visited participant page Uchendu,User:Ravi_limaye
  2. Initiated discussions Uchendu,Ravi_ Limaye
  3. Joined Wikieducator Google group..I think this is needed to remain in touch with WE activities.


  1. Joined Facebook WE
  2. Discussion on Mathematics community [3]

Day 9

Read about Oo converter

Day 10

Practice Practice and Practice.
I am certified as a wikibuddy by Patricia Schlicht

Useful WE Pages

  1. Editing tips
  2. Wikieducator Tutorials
  3. Help:Contents
  4. Wiki_Tips_and_Tricks#Emoticons