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How to use the WikiEducator Chat Box

WikiEducator "Web Chat" (IRC)

From: Jim Tittsler to WikiEducator

Over the past month there has been another uptick in the number of people checking out the WikiEducator "Web Chat"[1]. It can be a useful resource to get a quick question answered, comment on a WE project, or coordinate plans with others. It is worth reminding people that the number of people there at any given instant can be quite small, and those that are connected may not be looking at the screen just at the moment you type something. If you do post a question there, simply leave the chat program open in the background.

Sooner or later someone will notice your question or comment and respond. Don't expect a response within 30 seconds of posing a question or making a comment... but do take advantage of the channel as another way to contribute to WikiEducator.

In the "Community" section of the navigation sidebar (or by using an IRC client to visit the #wikieducator channel of irc://


A freely distributed open source software programme is available to correct imperfections in digital photos. GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) provides software that enables you to retouch photos, compose images and author images. It works on many operating systems in many languages. GIMP's fullscreen mode allows you to preview your artwork and do editing work using most of your screen estate.

Source: COL Connections Newsletter, June 2009 issue


Faced with the challenge of opening obscure file types, you don't necessarily need to purchase new software. provides detailed information about most file extensions and links to free, open source programmes that can open and create each type of file.

Source: COL Connections Newsletter, June 2009 issue


Also called Smileys, these Emoticons are useful for adding emotional expression to text messages. Definitely not for use in articles, but suitable for enhancing messages on talk pages, especially user talk pages. They can also be used as menu icons and user page art.

Smiley Name: Example of smiley: Smiley Name: Example of smiley:
Smiley 1 Smiley.svg [[Image:Smiley.svg|19px]] Smiley 2 Face-glasses.svg [[Image:Face-glasses.svg|21px]]
Smiley 3 RTENOTITLE [[Image:SoleteRayosÑajo.gif]] Smiley 4 SNive.gif [[image:SNive.gif|19px]]
Smiley 5 SFriendly.gif [[image:SFriendly.gif|19px]] Smiley 6 Face-wink.svg [[Image:Face-wink.svg|23px]]
Smiley 7 SConfident.gif [[image:SConfident.gif|20px]] Smiley 8 SInnocent.gif [[image:SInnocent.gif|18px]]
Smiley 9 Choice toxicity icon.png [[Image:Choice toxicity icon.png|21px]] Smiley 10 Tongue.png [[Image:Tongue.png|21px]]
Smiley 11 SMocking.gif [[image:SMocking.gif|19px]] Smiley 12 19px [[Image:Blush.png|19px]]
Smiley 13 XD-smiley.png [[Image:XD-smiley.png|20px]] Smiley 14 Emblem-cool.svg [[Image:Emblem-cool.svg|20px]]
Smiley 15 Happy.gif [[Image:Happy.gif|22px]] Smiley 16 Face-grin.svg [[Image:Face-grin.svg|25px]]
Smiley 17 Face-devil-grin.svg [[Image:Face-devil-grin.svg|25px]] Smiley 18 SCongratulate.gif [[image:SCongratulate.gif|19px]]
Smiley 19 SSceptical.gif [[image:SSceptical.gif|21px]] Smiley 20 SHurt.gif [[image:SHurt.gif|19px]]
Smiley 21 SIndifferent.gif [[image:SIndifferent.gif|19px]] Smiley 22 Animalien-smiley.gif [[Image:Animalien-smiley.gif|20px]]
Smiley 23 SYawning.gif [[image:SYawning.gif|19px]] Smiley 24 Sleeping.png [[Image:Sleeping.png|25px]]
Smiley 25 Very sorry.gif [[image:Very_sorry.gif|19px]] Smiley 26 Confused-tpvgames.png [[image:Confused-tpvgames.gif|21px]]
Smiley 27 Confused.png [[Image:Confused.png|19px]] Smiley 28 SUpset.gif [[image:SUpset.gif|19px]]
Smiley 29 SNasty.gif [[image:SNasty.gif|19px]] Smiley 30 Sad-tpvgames.gif [[image:Sad-tpvgames.gif|21px]]
Smiley 31 Frowny.svg [[Image:Frowny.svg|20px]] Smiley 32 21px [[image:Cry-tpvgames.gif|21px]]
Smiley 33 Shocked-tpvgames.gif [[image:Shocked-tpvgames.gif|21px]] Smiley 34 Face-surprise.svg [[Image:Face-surprise.svg|22px]]
Smiley 35 Misc-tpvgames.gif [[image:Misc-tpvgames.gif|20px]] Smiley 36 SHysterical.gif [[image:SHysterical.gif|18px]]
Smiley 37 SShocked.gif [[image:SShocked.gif|18px]] Smiley 38 Smiley green alien KO.svg [[Smiley green alien KO.svg|25px]]
Smiley 39 Face-crying.svg [[Image:Face-crying.svg|25px]] Smiley 40 Face-smile-big.svg [[Image:Face-smile-big.svg|25px]]

Image name Tips

  1. Names should be short but specific. I have used GargiWEGita1, GargiWEGita2 etc.
  2. Avoid spaces as spaces get replaced by underscore eg. "Gargi WE Gita 1" will become "Gargi_WE_Gita_1", it can be a source of error on adding to user page.
  3. Image name should not be common words like 'scene' or 'smile' or 'My Photo' which have the risk of duplication.
  4. Image name can be kept as a constant series eg. GargiWEGita1,GargiWEGita2 etc. keep increasing the no. whenever you add new image.
  5. Tutorial should give suggestions for renaming, not a strict rule.
  6. WikiEducator is all about innovations :-) Gita Mathur Gita Mathur

Icon Activity Gladys Gahona

More Tips & Tricks coming soon. You can also add on to this page