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Storage devices

Storage devices are used to store data and programs.

Storage devices Function
Hard disk drive

Enclosed metal platters in a sealed unit, light on system unit shows disk is being accessed.

Connected to the motherboard.

Also known as a disk drive or hard drive.

Hard disk drive

  • Also known as permanent or secondary storage.
  • Main and usually largest permanent data storage device in a computer.
  • Non volatile (not reliant on power).
  • READ-WRITE HEAD moves back & forth over the disk, looking for the file to be opened, then file is copied into RAM.
  • After processing, the read/write head copies file back to disk.

Optical disk drive

DVD‘s – read/write.

Compact Disc-Read Only Memory. Digital memory for personal computers.

Compact disk drive

  • Optical storage.
  • Uses a laser to write information digitally in layers by causing a chemical change in the material.
  • CD‘s can hold about 650MB of data, sound, photos and videos, while DVD‘s can hold about 4 GB of data and Blue-ray DVD‘s can hold up to 50 GB.