Computer Basics/Hardware/Input devices

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Input devices

Input devices are used as a means to insert data into a computer.

Input devices Function

Sometimes difficult to use!!! Looks like a typewriter with extra keys!!

There are different types of keyboards eg natural or ergonomic, cordless, rollup.


  • Used to input data into the computer.
  • Display shows character entered.
  • Has additional keys alongside the alphanumeric keys: special purpose keys eg Ctrl, Alt, Esc; numeric keypad, function keys and cursor control keys.

A hand-held device that moves on a ball, has buttons on top that you click.

Moved on a mouse pad (smooth surface).


  • Point and click mouse pointer to move the cursor.
  • Double click to take an action (eg open a file, select something).
  • Click, hold and drag, to move data.