Computer Basics/Hardware/Output devices

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Output devices

Output devices are used to display data and programs.

Output devices Function
Visual display unit

Also known as VDU, screen, display, (it looks like a TV monitor).

Different types of screens are available including
– flat screens, cathode ray tube, plasma.

VDU or monitor

  • Shows what is currently happening in the PC.
  • Shows where the mouse is pointing.
  • Shows position of cursor.
  • Shows data as it is input (soft copy or temporary copy shown on screen).
  • Shows information which is the result of processing the original data.


Different types of printers are available including
- Dot Matrix, Inkjet, Laser


  • CPU sends copy of document required to be printed from RAM to printer memory.
  • Printer then prints the document.
  • Shows data as hardcopy (permanent copy).