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Tutorial.png Inserting Graphics 

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Tutorial 4 - Resizing and Moving Images

Inserted images on your slide may not be position at the place you would want. The size of the image might also be not the one you would want for your presentation. In this section, we go through some basic graphics operations.

Resize and reposition graphics using the Format menu

  • Click on the image
  • Click Format|Position and size

You will see the Position and size dialog box pop up

  • Click on the Position and size tab

This gives you details of the position and size of the image on the slide.

  • Make adjustments
  • Click OK

Rotate image using the Format menu

  • Click on the Rotate tab in the Position and size dialogue
  • Adjust the Rotation angel spin window OR
  • Click on one of the Default settings
  • Click OK

Reposition a graphic using the mouse

  • Click on the graphic and hold down the left mouse button
  • Drag the image to a new position
  • Release the left mouse button

Resize a graphic using the mouse

When you click on a graphic, handles are displayed in green around the borders of the image. These can be used for resizing the image. The image is resized by clicking and dragging a handle.

The corner handles can be dragged in any direction to resize the image. The middle top and bottom handles can only be dragged in a vertical direction while the middle and left can only be dragged in a horizontal direction.

  • Click on the image to display the handles
  • Click on a handle and hold the left mouse button down
  • Drag the handle to a new position