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Tutorial.png Inserting Graphics 

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Tutorial 1 - Inserting a Clip Art

Using the Gallery

There are a number of ways of accessing the gallery in Open Office Impress.

[1] Using the Menu

Click Tools|Gallery


[2] Using the Toolbar Icons

Click on the Gallery icon.


The Gallery window is displayed with a number of colored graphics (pictures). On the left side of the Gallery window are the words, Backgrounds, Bullets, etc. These words are the names of different Themes. If you followed the tutorial, you will find that there are very many images in your My Theme tab.


Icon present.gif
Tip: To use an image, drag and drop it to your slide working area.


Manipulating the Clip Art

There are two ways of moving a picture

Using The Mouse

[1] Click on the picture. ( An anchor will appear. Eight points (green squares), called handles, will appear along the sides of the picture as shown in the figure above )

[2] Place your pointer on any of the points. Click and drag the mouse to modify the picture. (A double-headed arrow in the directions shown below will appear.)


[3] To keep the proportions of the graphic, press and hold the Shift key. Click and drag a handle of the picture. Release the mouse button to complete the resize.

[4] When you have changed the picture to the desired size, click anywhere on the page except on the picture.

Using the Position and Size Window

[1] Right-click anywhere on the picture. (A menu appears.)


[2] Click Position and Size. (The Position and Size window appears.)


[3] On the Size, you can alter the size by typing in numbers in the width and height, or using the slide (up and down allows). To keep the dimensions of the image, Check the Keep ratio.

Moving the Clip Art

Using the Mouse

1. Click on the graphic/picture. The mouse pointer turns into a four-way arrow like this .


2. Click on the and drag the picture to the desired place on your page.

Using The Position and Size Window

[1] In the dialog box to the right of Vertical, click From top.


[2] On the Position, you can alter the position by typing in numbers in the width and height, or using the slide (up and down allows)

[3] Click the OK button. (The picture changes location.)