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Tutorial.png Inserting Graphics 

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Tutorial 2 - Inserting an Image from File


In this section, we will discuss how to add your own images into your presentation. As we said, pictures are worth a thousand words. Taking our theme of the creating a good presentation for our donors, you need to capture pictures of trainees attending one of your training sessions.

Impress offers a number of ways to insert an image from file.

Using the Layout Template

If you have already saved the picture, and you would like to insert it, you can use the layout template. On your Task Pane, select on the Layout called Title, Image Text shown below.


Double click on the image place holder for a file system browser to pop up as shown. Browse to the location of your image and select the image.


The image selected will be inserted to the slide as shown below.


Using the Menu

If you have already saved the picture, and you would like to insert, go to Insert|Picture|From File.


Browse to the location of your picture. Select your file, and click "Insert". Your picture will appear on the current slide.

Copying from another Application or File

Images can also be pasted into your Impress presentation. If you have an image within another source, copy the image in the original source. Go to Edit|Paste and paste the art work into your presentation.

Pasting From GIMP

If you have your image open in your graphics editor of choice (in this case GIMP), you can copy the image and paste it directly onto your slide. In GIMP, there are a number of ways of copying an image or sections of an image. One of them is, with your image open, Right-click|Edit|Copy as shown below.


With your image on the clipboard, go to the slide where you would like to past it. Right-click on the slide and click on Paste.


The image will appear on the slide as shown below.