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Tutorial.png Getting Started 

Overview | Moodle Account | Participants View | Finding Your Way Around | Activities

Download Getting Started Tutorial - pdf Print version, for VUSSC - about 800K


There are two ways you can use the Newbie tutorials:

  1. As self-study materials. In this case you would go directly to the tutorials on WikiEducator, and work through each tutorial at your own pace
  2. Joining a scheduled eLearning offering of the tutorials.

Instructions for the eLearning version

You will be provided with a web site address (url) to access the eLearning version of the course, which is used to guide you through the tutorials and to have a place to post to online discussion forums . These instructions will get you going. COL is using the Moodle Learning Management System to guide participants through the tutorials.

Think of Moodle as a virtual study guide that directs you to the relevant resources. Discussions are hosted within the Moodle site and is the place where you can interact with fellow participants, ask questions and request support from your online facilitator. First you will need to create an account on Moodle. The remaining links below will help you find your way around the virtual learning environment.

  1. Creating your account on Moodle
  2. Participant's view explained
  3. Finding your way around the course using the navigation features
  4. Activities: What must I do?

You can go directly to the online learning environment without reading these instructions. However, if you get stuck we advise that you read through these instructions, which we hope will answer most questions. If you're still unsure, don't hesitate to ask your facilitator by posting a question to one of the support forums in the Moodle course.