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Three categories of activities

The Newbie tutorials include three main types of activity:

  1. Independent study activities which you complete on your own. There is no requirement to discuss these in small group s in face-to-face sessions, or within the discussion forums in eLearning formats of the course. Examples may include reflections, self-assessment or preknowledge activities.
  2. Discussion activities which are designed for interaction among participants and facilitators. You may be asked to discuss these in small groups within a classroom situation or be expected to post your thoughts in the online discussion forums for eLearning offerings of these tutorials.
  3. Skills-based activities which require you to perform an action, but not necessarily required to post these in the Moodle course. For example, adding an item to your User page in Wikieducator, or practicing how to use italics in the wiki.

Naturally, you are free to post any thoughts or ideas relating to the independent study or skills-based activities in the discussion forums set up for the course. However, this is entirely optional. Two avoid confusion, the activity will provide a clear instruction when you should post to the discussion forum.


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Self Assessment

This is an example of the layout for a self assessment type of activity. It is an independent study activity that does not require you to make a post to the Learning Management System. However, you are free to post thoughts and ideas in the general forums set up for this purpose.

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This is an example of a discussion activity where you must post your ideas in the online discussion forum for the course concerned. The note below will be repeated for all discussion activities where you are required to post something in the forums.