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Welcome to WikiEducator's Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

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Foundation Phase (June 2006 - December 2007)

This page lists COL funded activities initiated in support of the WikiEducator project.


Output: A thriving and sustainable community of practitioners and policy makers is established to leverage OERs for education and development.

Activity Description Status Sources of data
Interim International Advisory Board WikiEducator's Interim International Advisory Board was assembled by project founder Wayne Mackintosh in April 2007. This is a community governance structure to serve as a means of involving the community until the project has grown large enough to elect a Board through democratic means. Once 2,500 users have joined the wiki, elections will be held to select a successor Board. Ongoing
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WikiEducator Ambassadors Established in May 2007, the Ambassadors for WikiEducator activity is designed to assist in the international promotion of the project. Ambassadors assist in the realisation of the strategy by promoting activities which:
  • help build the WikiEducator community,
  • develop skills and build capacity for all WikiEducators,
  • promote and advocate free educational content, and
  • identify and implement innovation in WikiEducator.
  1. List of self-appointed Ambassadors.
  2. Record of events where WikiEducator was promoted by Ambassadors.
Community Building Project To help WikiEducator achieve scaleable and sustainable growth among its high-priority stakeholder communities through community-building and appropriate messaging / communications strategies. Current
  1. Project page
  2. Countries page activity
  3. WikiEducator Roles
  4. Surveys to support and inform community building


Output: Open content resources are developed in support of national curricula by 2015 for all sectors and levels

Activity Description Status Sources of data
Newbie Tutorials An activity to develop 11 tutorials on basic wiki editing skills. Completed
  1. Project development node (Refer to the talk pages of individual tutorials for discussions on the development process).
  2. Pilot of the Tutorials (93 Participants)
Quality Processes and Tools Project A series of activities designed to support and promote the development of high quality learning resources. These include:


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The Commonweatlh Computer Navigator's Certificate (CCNC) is a free content project to improve access to computer skills training. Building on the foundations of the Open ICDL project, the certificate is unique because it enhances the freedom of learners to aquire and enrich their basic ICT skills using free software.


  1. Announcement by Sir John Daniel
  2. CCNC Brochure
  3. Project planning page
Handouts4Teachers Handouts4Teachers is an activity to promote the collaborative development of handouts used to support teaching in the classroom, for example worksheets, small group projects, homework sheets for students to practice mastery of new concepts, etc.


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Output: Educators acquire capacity and skills to engage meaningfully with the technologies supporting global best practice in OERs for e-learning.

Activity Description Status Sources of data

The FLOSS4Edu project was inspired by Nicholas Kimolo in Kenya and COL has sponsored activity which aims to address:

  • The absence of Free content in African Schools
  • The lack of skills and knowledge among educators to use FLOSS technologies.

Originally focused on Africa, the project is expanding internationally with the establishment of regional chapters.


  1. Foundation report leading to the establishment of FLOSS4Edu and the first capacity building workshop.
  2. First FLOSS4Edu and OER Workshop held in Kenya, Nov 2006, leading to the establishment of the East African chapter.
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Output: Strategic networks and digital technology innovations which constitute the enablers for a cost effective a sustainable OER eLearning initiative are established.

Activity Description Status Sources of data
Installation of WikiEducator server

WikiEducator server powered by Mediawiki software was installed. Initially WikiEducator administered a phpbb discussion forum. Sadly due to spam problems and lack of staff support time to manage spam attacks, this service was discontinued. A Google Groups mailing list was setup early in March 2007, which ran in parallel with a temporary Moodle forum replacement for the phpbb forum. Today the google groups forum is the main discussion avenue for WikiEducator.


  1. Early history of the WikiEducator project
  2. First WikiEducator discussion forum.
  3. Old forum
  4. Current WikiEducator mailing list
Install relevant extensions Selected extensions are installed to enhance the functionality of WikiEducator for users. Decisions are based on security and technological evaluations by the Chief Technical Officer of WikiEducator's advisory board, and open discussions on the impact new extensions may have on community values and long term aims of the project. Ongoing
  1. List of current Current extensions
  2. Discussions on licensing
  3. Disucssions on Third Party Media
Tectonic Shift Think Tank

An international group of thought leaders and practitioners gathered in Vancouver to identify the technology refinements necessary for Mediawiki and related FLOSS technologies that would enable and support radical scaling of the rate of free content development for all levels of education.


  1. Article featured in Connections
  2. WikiEducator roadmap
  3. Outputs of the Technology Group
  4. Outputs of the Education Group