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Welcome to WikiEducator's Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg

Monitoring & Evaluation Purposes


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To do:

  • Why? – E.g. for benchmarking; summative assessment of Outputs/Outcomes; pilot testing; needs assessment; formative input to program implementation and planning; other?
  • For Whom? – E.g. the ES; Sector leaders; Management; Board; Partners; Donors; other?

Initial thoughts about TORs for the evaluation

  • To conduct a midterm evaluation of the WikiEducator project
  • Summative assessment of outputs and contribution to outcomes to date. Therefore the emphasis will be on outputs, but should include interim contributions to the project outputs
  • Target audience - WikiEducator stakeholders and community
  • As a cross cutting initiative in COL logical model, to map the linkages of WIkiEducator to the various components of COL's corporate M&E framework and to establish whether any refinements are required.
  • Review the WikiEducator logic model in the light of data collected and to recommend any refinements required
  • Approach - desktop review and selected teleconference interviews

'Ideal consultant requirements

  • Experience in M&E work
  • No previous involvement in WikiEducator
  • Extensive experience in ICTs for development
  • Knowledge and experience in open source software