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Pankaj Khare's Campaign Page

Thanks to you WikiEd Member for visiting my CAMPAIGN Page

An appeal

Please give some of your valuable time to see my Kaltura Campaign video. Thanks

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.... may like to visit my WikiEducator Userpage:Pankaj

.... may like to know about my academic credentials:My Curriculum Vitae

My WikiEducator DoB

19 February 2007 when I started working on CCNC Project

Templates (Created by me) I am proud of

WikiEducator Status
Learning Templates
Activity Templates

Quote I work with

"Coming together is beginning,
Remaining together is progress,
Working together is success"

- Henry Ford

My Projects on WikiEducator

  1. CCNC
  2. Handbook of Open Universities
  3. Bangladesh Open School Project
  4. Scenerio Based eLearning Project

Confirmation of Nomination

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