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Final Election Results

Dear WE Members,

As the chief electoral officer, I would like to make a formal announcement of the results of the first Wikieducator Council Elections. I want to thank Ms. Ruvani Ameresekere and Ms Patricia Schlicht of the Commonwealth of Learning for their assistance in checking the user names of those who voted to make sure they were members of the WikiEducator community. I would also like to thank the candidates and all the members of Wikieducator for contributing to the first Wikieducator elections. Finally, I would like to thank Wayne Mackintosh for his leadership and support throughout the elections.

As the chief electoral officer, I declare that the elections were conducted in accordance with the election procedures and based on my assessment of the processes and results, I declare a free and fair election.

The New WikiEducator elected Council Members are:

Wayne Mackintosh 89.7 %
Leigh Blackall 88.5 %
Savithri Singh 83.6 %
Victor Mensah 83.0 %
Randy Fisher 82.7 %
Bronwyn Hegarty 81.6 %
Brent Simpson 80.8 %
Steve Foerster 79.6 %
Gunther Osswald 79.5 %
Vincent Kizza 75.6 %
Ken Udas 75.0%
Valerie Taylor 74.5 %
Minhaaj ur Rehman 73.3 %
Ioana Chan Mow 72.9 %
Pankaj Khare 72.0 %

Thank you and the best of luck to WE.

Nellie Deutsch

September 19, 2008

For names of nominees on the Council please Click here

Closing of Elections

As the chief electoral officer, I would like to announce the closing of the first Wikieducator Council Elections. The votes will be counted and users will be confirmed so that only members votes will count. The announcement will be made on September 30, 2008.

Thank you.

Nellie Deutsch

Commencement of Elections

As Chief Electoral Officer, I, Nellie Deutsch, am honoured to announce the commencement of the first WikiEducator Council Elections in accordance with the Draft Open Community Governance Policy to be ratified by the first Council. The election will be contested in accordance with the election procedures first announced to the community on 22 June 2008.

I nominate  Ms. Carol Walker, Ms. Ruvani Ameresekere and Ms Patricia Schlicht of the Commonwealth of Learning to assist me with my electoral responsibilities.

I now invite prospective candidates to confirm their nominations by two WikiEducators other than the candidate. The candidate is responsible for seeking the confirmations.

  • At least one confirmation for nomination must be from one of the top 50 active contributors on WikiEducator as of 8 June 2008 (see links below)
  • The second confirmation must be from a WikiEducator who has completed their user page before the commencement of the election. The respective user page must contain their full names and contact details.

Candidates must link their campaign pages from this page.

Nominations are confirmed on the respective campaign page of the candidate by signature, using the following syntax:

"* --Nelliemuller 11:22, 12 July 2008 (UTC)"

Nominations for candidature to contest the election close at 17:00 PST on 24 July 2008.

Good luck and we look forward to an exciting election.


List of Top 50 active contributors

Open Community Governance Policy

Election procedures


List of candidates

I would like to make it official: Nominations are closed. I encourage candidates to complete their campaign pages by 31 July and change the text of the front page news accordingly.



Voting will begin at 9.00 pm Pacific Standard time and will end on September 12 at 5 pm Pacific Standard time.