Proposals for Nominated members (if any) to council

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In no order of preference, nominations (if any) are listed alphabetically according to surname

Nominee Ahrash N. Bissell, Executive Director, CC Learn
Proposer Wayne Mackintosh
Second Ken Udas
  • ccLearn is a division of the Creative Commons dedicated to support open learning and open educational resources and is well aligned with WikiEducator's vision and mission;
  • The WikiEducator project utilises Creative Commons licenses (CC-BY and CC-BY-SA) and this nomination represents an appropriate and effective mechanism to keep abreast with contemporary licensing developments;
  • Our Council has limited expertise pertaining to intricacies of Creative Commons licensing;
  • Creative Commons is charitable corporation and external experience in the management of non-profit entities would be a valuable asset to our community.
Nominee Nellie (Muller) Deutsch
Proposer Valerie Taylor
Second Ioana Chan Mow
  • WikiEducator Ambassador promotional events
    • Recording of an online session for EFL/ESL teachers and students with a promotional powerpoint slide of Wikieducator as a free source of learning.
    • Face-to-face and computer-based workshops for 93 high school learners of English as a foreign language at Ort Gutman high school in Netanya, Israel.
    • Conducting an Action Research Project (2008-2010) on Wikieducator as a tool to improve writing skills of EFL learners at Ort Gutman High School.
  • Speaker at women's peace organizations
  • Involving students and teachers in international collaborative projects (literature, art, and culture) using Wikieduator

Nominee Christine Geith
Proposer Ken Udas
Second Randy Fisher
  • Only woman who attended the Tectonic Shift Think Tank meeting
  • Respected WikiEducator Ambassador
  • Senior woman leader at a major Land Grant University
  • Active record of advocacy of WikiEducator and OER among her peer professional group at the institutional, local, national, and international levels
  • Active use of WikiEducator as part of her unit’s regular business process, including contribution of open educational materials on International Finance
  • Contested the first WikiEducator Council elections
Nominee Sanjaya Mishra
Proposer Pankaj Khare
Second Victor Mensah
  • WikiArtisan, mastered with the WE skills and have done couple of online projects keeping WikiEducator in core IGNOU SLM Training Online
  • WikiEducator Member since 8th August 2006.
  • Promoting concept of open knowledge resources, dedicated complete OER Book to the community, Write 2 Teach in 3 Days, 2008.
  • Known instructional designer and trainer on ODL in South-East Asia and South Asia. Resume
  • WikiEducator Ambassador promotional events
    • WikiEducator, Open Souce and E-Learning: A presentation by Dr. Pankaj Khare and Dr.Sanjaya Mishra on 3rd November 2007 at EMPC, IGNOU, New Delhi as part of the Workshop on Development of Self-Learning Materials for Distance and Online Learning organized by STRIDE, IGNOU from 29 October - 3rd November 2007. Dr. Wayne Macintosh supported the session through a tele-presentation. The workshop was attended by 36 teachers from various parts of India.
    • Wikis, Podcasts and Blogs: A presentation by Dr. Sanjaya Mishra and Dr. Pankaj Khare on 25th January 2008 during the Refresher Programme in Distance Education (7-28 Jan 2008) organized by STRIDE, IGNOU. 20 Participants attended the session and became member of the WikiEducator.
    • WikiEducator demonstrations: At Open School, BOU, Dhaka, Bangladesh on 7th February 2008 to a group of 15 teachers; and also to a group of 5 persons at CAMPE.
    • Participated in the PCF5 Session on Commonwealth values in a digital world: WikiEducator, an international community project, during 13 to 17 July 2008, University of London, London.
    • Promoting WikiEducator in all F2F workshops conducted by STRIDE.
  • Active WikiNeighbour.
  • Active Administrator of WikiEducator
  • May like to see his Blog, "TEACHKNOWLOGIST"
Nominee Erik Möller, Germany
Proposer Günther Osswald
Second Savithri Singh
  • Eric is currently Deputy Director of the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Having been with Wikipedia since its beginnings, he has extensive experience of the governance of wiki projects
  • Member of our Interim International Advisory Board
  • Erik has been engaged actively with WikiEducator since the beginning
Nominee Anil Prasad
Proposer Pankaj Khare
Second Randy Fisher
  • WikiArtisan, mastered with the WE skills and conducted many workshops on WikiEducator
  • WikiEducator Member since 25th September 2007 with above 1500 articles on Wiki pages.
  • Initiated India Country Page, a rich information on WikiEducator activities in India.
  • Working actively for Long Learning Farmers (L3Farmers)
  • Active WikiNeighbour.
  • Firm beleiver in free and open education, volunteers to support the movement of OER.
Nominee Peter Rawsthorne
Proposer Günther Osswald
Second Wayne Mackintosh
Nominee Kim Tucker
Proposer Wayne Mackintosh
Second Randy Fisher
  • Extensive experience in Libre Knowledge and FLOSS in Africa
  • Dedicated WikiEducator Ambassador and member of our community
  • Contested the first WikiEducator Council elections
  • Key author of the OER Handbook
  • Primary author of the Say Libre essay on WikiEducator -- has more than 3000 page views
Nominee David Wiley
Proposer Wayne Mackintosh
Second Ken Udas
  • Pioneer of the open content movement in education founding the first Open Content license in 1999
  • Founding Director of the Centre for Open and Sustainable Education and instrumental in building the OpenCourseware Consortium;
  • Brought the development of the OER Handbook for Educators to WikiEducator - An international collaboration and our first book available online as a bound printed copy.
  • Community leader involved with the establishment of the Open High School of Utah -- the first high school to be based entirely on OER thus providing WikiEducator with valuable insights into improving WikiEducator's work in the school sector.
Nominee Rob Kruhlak
Proposer Randy Fisher
Second Pankaj Khare
  • Top 50 editor (as per data 1 October 2008)
  • Contested the first WE council elections
  • First WE edit -- 22 March 2007
  • Volunteered services for WE techie group
  • Extensive technical support on WE pedagogical templates, implementing quiz features and interactive science lessons (
  • Attended the WikiEd 1st tectonic shift think tank (April 2007)