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Professional eLearning Guidebook


Som Naidu, University of Melbourne

This guidebook was developed from materials that were developed for a series of workshops on e-learning sponsored and organized by the Commonwealth Educational Media Center for Asia (CEMCA) over the past couple of years (in Calicut, India and the Open University of Sri Lanka (January 2003), and in Delhi (January 2006). I am grateful to CEMCA, and the workshop facilitators (Dr. Usha Reddi, Dr. Sanjaya Mishra, Dr. Pankaj Khare and Rukmani Vemraju) for the organization and conduct of these workshops.

Some of the content of this guide draws from previously published material by the author. Wherever this is the case, these sources have been adequately and appropriately acknowledged, and all appropriate attempts have been made to ensure that there is no undue duplication of content that has already been published elsewhere.

This guidebook has not been designed to serve as another textbook on e-learning, for there are many such books that are readily available on the market. Instead, the aim of this guidebook is to clarify, simplify and demystify e-learning.

I am grateful to Dr. Usha Vyasulu Reddi (Director of CEMCA) for her leadership and commitment to all aspects of this work. I am particularly grateful to Dr. Sanjaya Mishra (formerly a staff member of CEMCA and currently a Reader in STRIDE at Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi) for his feedback on various drafts of this material and for coordinating the printing and production of this guidebook.

Som Naidu, PhD

Melbourne, Australia (April, 2006)