Online-learning course development models

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Professional eLearning Guidebook

Let us consider the objectives for this chapter.

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The goals of this chapter are to:
  • Explore issues related to the evaluation of e-learning and teaching activities.
  • Propose a comprehensive plan for the evaluation of e-learning and teaching.


  1. Contemporary online-learning practices
  2. Models of course development
  3. Types of online-learning courses
  4. Wrap around model
  5. The integrated model

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* What should an “online-learning course” look like? Give your reasons.

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Tell us a story

* Can you describe the components of an “online-learning course” that you may have developed or seen. Would you consider that an online-learning course? Why?

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Key points
* Online course development activity is a team effort which brings together a wide range of expertise.
  • These include subject matter experts, instructional designers, learning management systems administrators, web developers, graphics artists, multimedia programmers, audio and video producers, and systems engineers.
  • Online courses range from those that are ‘partially online’ to ‘fully online’.