Using Audacity/Setting your Preferences

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Preferences modify the default behavior of Audacity. Before you start using Audacity you should change a few of the preferences; these are listed below.

To change your Audacity Preferences:

  • Open Audacity;
  • Under the File Menu, choose Preferences;
  • Select the tab on the left for the settings you wish to modify.

Audio I/O

Make sure your recording device is selected in the Recording -> Device drop down menu.

Audacity preferences dialog audio.png


Click on the Quality label on the left hand menu.

If you are only recording people talking try starting with a Default Sample Rate of 22.050 Hz and a Default Sample Format of 16-bit.

Audacity preferences dialog.png

File Formats

Select the "Make a copy of the file before editing" option as well as the "Always copy all audio (safest)" option.

Audacity preferences dialog fileformat.png