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Commonwealth Delhi 2010019:09, 27 September 2010
The New Wiki Team306:53, 16 February 2010
What is happening to us????304:54, 16 February 2010
T. S. Eliot101:49, 20 November 2009
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Wiki Project023:45, 10 November 2009
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STOP SMS ENGLISH!!!!!320:29, 17 February 2009

Commonwealth Delhi 2010

Will this task of serving their nation still be a proud thing for the volunteers? Will other volunteers also withdraw like their fellow volunteers (only 22,000 out of 30,000 are expected)? Will the remaining volunteers not back off and embarrass them like they are embarrassing us in front of the whole world from past few months?

Can this wicked corruption never stop? And finally, can this event still be a success?

These questions have created turmoil not only in the mind of volunteers but also in the mind of the whole nation!

Sahilanand.0078 (talk)19:09, 27 September 2010

The New Wiki Team

Dear Friends,

Coordinator: Dr. Rohith Vikas, Arun, Sahil, Sonal Kanika I am sorry to note that the performance of the new wikiteam is minimal to say the least. We need to revive this page, so what is the plan? Please update the page with your report on trip and the english society report. You do not even talk on this page. Please, this is your page and do not let it die with your silence.Let me see how many of you respond to this! If u need to learn ur basics please get in touch with Samarth. Thanks. Anubha

English Honours DDUC (talk)05:03, 16 February 2010

of late i'v been looking for a medium to express my thoughts and feelings forgetting that i have my own den in wiki...:) so i am going to use this page more often and i hope people respond because its nice to know what and how others think...i had a chat with a 1st year student and sadly most of them have forgotten about wiki...:(

and ma'm i think we need more exposure and a platform to speak freely..we do have opinions and thoughts about the world around us but seldom express them...after all as pramesh sir says we are not selling soaps but formulating ideas reading the writers who have made a difference and shaped civilisations..

P.S-the BCL experience was wonderful..looking forward to many more such events..

Arun (talk)05:40, 16 February 2010
Sahilanand.0078 (talk)06:51, 16 February 2010

firstly, pardon for our inactive attitude towards our own wiki page... ma'am recently we were discussing on the same topic and we are gradually trying to do something or the other for this page... as arun said, we are also trying make it a medium to express our general thoughts over anything around us... moreover, in the mean time we'll also think about the more different and creative things which we can bring onto this page...

Sahilanand.0078 (talk)06:53, 16 February 2010

What is happening to us????

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it disturbs me to see the ruthless attitude the people of this world are acquiring.The true and genuine human feelings have made way for fakeness and insensitivity, so much so that today most people can't be taken at face value.


as the maxim goes- "Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly". this is wat distinguishes us.We are taking ourselves too seriously and this does not let us experience the simple human emotions anymore. We have forgotten to laugh at ourselves, at our mistakes.

all we need is 'results'. every action is 'result oriented' and in the process we are willing to "crush and deride" anyone who comes in our way.

we have made a complex web out of our lives.

we have started to look for happiness in material things when one can experience happiness just by seeing a small baby smile.

in this rat race i am finding it hard to trust people, i am losing myself, putting on several masks scared of being recognised. this brutal coldness, ruthlessness scares and saddens me...

is there a way out? there hope??.....or m i being too pessimistic??

whatsay friends??..........

Arun (talk)05:45, 9 February 2010

unfortunately, we all are trapped into the cruel setting of this mean world... but how can we get away from this vicious cycle???

we run after results to get good jobs and ultimately to get more money

we all have mercenary attitude towards life, and infact, money has become a synonym for happiness, but if we think practically then it is also valid enough...

I think people should also understand the power of humanity, apart from the power of money, which will lead them to the good stead throughout…

Sahilanand.0078 (talk)06:39, 13 February 2010

my worry is dat too much significance on money is killing human is simple dude..we'v complicated it n money has played a destructive role... d world has become meaner n meaner....a dog eat dog world...n i hate living in sucha world wid all d fakeness around...feel suffocated..

Arun (talk)23:55, 13 February 2010

The discussion is pertinent and topical. In profit and cosumer driven economies especially in a developing world like ours how do you draw the line between want and greed? 'Santosh hi sukham or simple living high thinking' are the old Indian adages which have not lost their importance. Keeping the higher ideals alive while working towards an all round development of the society should be our main focus. We will need to think beyonfd Me,and mine. Keep the thought alive and lets plan one simple act of kindness. lets think what it could be? anubha

English Honours DDUC (talk)04:54, 16 February 2010

T. S. Eliot

The Letters of TS Eliot: Volume 1: 1898-1922/Volume 2: 1923-1925 ed Valerie Eliot and Hugh Haughton
The Sunday Times review by John Carey
The first volume of TS Eliot’s letters, edited by his widow Valerie, came out in 1988. As the years passed, hopes of seeing another instalment gradually faded, especially among the not-so-young. But Valerie Eliot and Hugh Haughton have confounded the doubters. Their revised Volume I, taking the story up to the publication of The Waste Land in 1922, when Eliot was 34, includes 250 newly discovered letters, and their second volume covers 1923-25. Like the first, it releases a mass of new information about Eliot’s day-to-day life, and rounds out the narrative with many letters to him from family and friends. But it makes sad reading, for these years were Eliot’s purgatory.

The trouble was his first wife, Vivien. Looking back in the 1960s he wondered why he had ever married her. His friends wondered, too. Virginia Woolf found her “so scented, so powdered, so egotistic, so morbid, so weakly” that it made her “almost vomit”. Eliot concluded he had really wanted just a “mild affair” with Vivien, but, being a shy American boy, he was too timid to suggest it so he married her instead. He may have been ignorant as well as timid. One of the newly printed early letters is from his father, Henry, who expresses his disapproval of sex education, and hopes that no cure for syphilis will ever be found, since it is “God’s punishment for nastiness”.

Eliot and Vivien were both nervous, fastidious people and it seems that the marriage was sexually a disaster. Vivien soon took refuge in invalidism. Within months she had “acute neuralgia”, and her health steadily worsened. Eliot’s letters in the second volume provide a panic-stricken commentary on her mysterious symptoms: palpitations, paroxysms, “intestinal crises”, and months when she lay in bed “like one dead”. Frantic with worry, he sought medical aid. A specialist came twice a week, the local GP twice a day. But all remedies proved useless and the doctors were baffled. Eliot had a full-time job in Lloyds bank that he wanted to leave so as to give more time to writing, but the expenses of Vivien’s treatment made this impossible.

The Eliot family, back home in America, suspected that Vivien’s illness was as much mental as physical, and that her sufferings were a (possibly unconscious) bid to monopolise her husband’s attention. But it took the English doctors until the end of 1925 to puzzle this out and remove Vivien to a nursing home, by which time Eliot was on the point of nervous collapse. The direction in which his unconscious thoughts strayed may be reflected in Sweeney Agonistes, the verse drama he started at this time, with its repeated line about a man who “did a girl in”.

Outwardly, however, he was far from murderous. He devoted himself to Vivien’s wellbeing and encouraged her ambition to become a writer. He sent one of her short ­stories to the magazine Dial, saying that he thought it “amazingly brilliant”. When it was rejected by the American poet ­Marianne Moore he responded with almost maniacal fury, accusing Moore of being in a “plot” to “insult me and my wife”. His desperate concern for Vivien, revealed in these new letters, should help to correct the notion that he treated his sick wife callously.

His other main worry, apart from Vivien, was editing his new literary quarterly, the Criterion, funded by Lady Rothermere, the wife of the proprietor of the Daily Mail. He keeps grumbling about the crippling labour this entails, but it was purely voluntary, and it seems that he took it on quite calculatedly to dull the pain of his unfulfilled marriage. He writes to the critic John Middleton Murry in 1925 that, in the years since he married, he has made himself into “a machine” in order “not to feel”. “I have deliberately killed my senses,” he admits, and he is afraid that if he lets his senses come alive again the shock may “kill” Vivien.

This confession suggests that the cultural and political doctrines Eliot adopted in the Criterion may have stemmed more directly from his unhappy, sexless marriage, and his attempt to turn himself into an unfeeling automaton, than from any serious cultural or political thinking. He advocates hard, male reason, which he associates with authoritarian government and classicism, and expresses a “profound hatred” for democracy, which he associates with sentimentality and Romanticism. Vivien’s writing, he says, shows she has an “unfeminine mind”, which is why he admires it, whereas he detests the “sentimental crank” Katherine Mansfield. In 1923 he wrote to the editor of the Daily Mail to congratulate the paper on its support for the fascist revolution in Italy (“nothing could be more salutary at the present time”). The same letter praises the newspaper for insisting that the murderess Edith Thompson should be hanged (as she was), and criticises the “flaccid sentimentality” of those who wanted to save her from the gallows.

In keeping with his disapproval of democracy he aimed to restrict the Criterion to an elite readership, and to avoid being “popular” at all costs. In this he was wholly successful: the circulation never rose above 1,000. Some of his contributors and subjects seem to have been chosen with the sole aim of keeping readers away, as when he invites the antiquated George Saintsbury to write on Quintilian or Macrobius, or “some equally obscure” author who is neglected “in this age of darkness”.

Lady Rothermere had hoped the Criterion would be chic and brilliant and supply her rich friends with dinner-table conversation, and she scanned its contents with dismay. But her repeated complaints about its dullness seem only to have confirmed Eliot in his certainty that he was on the correct, austere path. Any contact with people’s ordinary amusements sends him into shivers of distaste. In 1923, he and Vivien rented a country cottage in Sussex, but a garage opened nearby selling lemonade and sweets, and he lamented that this had rendered the place “quite uninhabitable” .

Two of his letters in the new volume will certainly be seized on by those who charge Eliot with anti-semitism. Writing to the literary critic Herbert Read he admits to a “racial prejudice” against Jews, and suspects that it is their “racial envy” that inclines them to bolshevism. Writing to his American benefactor, John Quinn, he says that he is “sick of doing business with Jew publishers”. Anti-semitism was in the Eliot family. His mother discloses (in another of the newly printed letters) that she has an “instinctive antipathy to Jews, just as I have to certain animals”, adding that Eliot’s father “never liked to have business dealings with them”.

It is worth pointing out (though it is not an extenuation) that Eliot is nowhere as virulently anti-semitic as Quinn, who complains of the “swarms of horrible-looking Jews” in New York, “low, squat, animal-like”. On the other hand, he makes a hero of Charles Maurras, the French right-wing politician, and wants him to write for the ­Criterion, despite his rabid anti-semitism. The Hollow Men, which Eliot wrote at this time, diagnoses the evils of his age as spiritual and mental emptiness (“Headpiece filled with straw”). The letters carry the same message. There is no ­inkling that the real evil, which would culminate in the greatest atrocity, was the casual anti-semitism that he seems unthinkingly to have endorsed.

The Letters of TS Eliot: Volumes 1 and 2 edited by Valerie Eliot and Hugh Haughton Faber £35 per volume User:rohith

English Honours DDUC (talk)15:25, 19 November 2009

sir, i think in this we should really discuss about meetings and issues..
this extract should be pasted someone else, where others can also have the access to it .. what we can do is discuss about him here ..

Samarthetfield (talk)01:49, 20 November 2009

Reminder, wiki team

Dear Vicas, Kanika and Sonal,
I hope all of you are sticking to the deadline. We are suppose to update our wikipage by the 20th I.e. the day after. Vicas, no addition to the discussion page!User:rohith

English Honours DDUC (talk)01:39, 19 November 2009

Dear Rohith

Please check the Zest link which has been created on the main page. The link takes you to adult porn sites , can something be done asap.Concerned.The calendar of events needs editing, can we ask the new wiki team to take samarths assitance to set it right. The department computer is working now so perhaps the students could do it at college too.


Anubhamukherji (talk)05:54, 19 November 2009

Wiki Project

Dear All
This is to brief you regarding my talk with Vicas on the wikieducator project. We met on thursday, fifth Nov, 2009.

We have decided to:[edit]

1. meet at 2 on monday, the 9th.
2. the following students will attend the meeting -- those who have already done the wiki course: Samarth, User:Samarthetfield vicas, smriti, User:Smriti shukla mansi; those who would complete the online wiki course by monday: sonal, arun, sahil, rohith, and others + the remaining office bearers of the ZEST.
I would like Anubha mam to be present in the meeting.

The meeting will:[edit]

1. decide on various ways to improve our existing wikipage,
2. distribute tasks (editing, uploading pictures, documents and other media files) to various people,
3. evolve mechanisms to ensure that the allocated tasks are carried out in a time bound manner,
4. device steps to ensure that our wikipage is constantly updated and accessed.
We also talked about the feasibility of bringing out a magazine by the English Society. Let us see whether we can pursue it further.
Looking forward for your thoughts, ideas, apprehensions, comments and Suggestions on these,

cheers >

English Honours DDUC (talk)17:53, 7 November 2009

So how did u like the new web page ??

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so friends and respected teachers and everybody else who took their valuable time to visit our society's web page tell us how did u find the web page?? was it any good for u? what more do u want in here ?? plzz post up ur commenst and ur ideas abbout it .... that will be really good .. thanx ..
enjoy !!

Samarthetfield (talk)17:31, 17 October 2008

its gud n video sectn z vry interstn,....... :)

Smriti shukla (talk)16:16, 18 October 2008

smriti .. what do u mean intresting .... plzz elaborate ... :P

Samarthetfield (talk)00:57, 24 November 2008

finally i get to see d 1st year page....have been tryin' since ages....

i think r web page luks good.... gr8 job sam...

Arun (talk)01:51, 25 November 2008

thanx mate ... well it was not just me .. but also everyone in the wikieducator team who did the hardwork for maintaining the page and yes also our teahcers who helped us at every step .. and who made valuable contributions to this page ...

Samarthetfield (talk)04:47, 25 November 2008

Congrats! to the wikieducator team for having provided a collaborative space to the Department of English..Keep up the good work!!!!

Anubhamukherji (talk)05:38, 25 November 2008

correction.....well done 'wiki educator team'....

Arun (talk)18:12, 25 November 2008

this is really fun.....i have shown all my room mates this page and it really shows the hard work done by our ESTEEMED SENIORS....

Anisha on cloud nine (talk)01:17, 7 February 2009

nice nice anisha but this not only the esteemed seniors as i mentioned above to arun as well .. it involved the work by you and your classmayes as well and also the teachers ...

English Honours DDUC (talk)15:34, 12 February 2009


okay friends as niyam sir said the other day .. we have to stop using sms english as it hampers us in our writing skills ... though we have done a Phd in sms english we still need to discard it .... .. need your comments as soon as possible

Samarthetfield (talk)15:51, 27 November 2008

sms english can be fun for some time but in the long run it would eventually hamper our i right?????????????

Harpreet k (talk)00:58, 3 February 2009

Absolutely Harpreet ..
So ... suggest some methods of how to deal with this problem ... !!
and that too soon!!!

Samarthetfield (talk)05:17, 3 February 2009


Aarushi (talk)20:29, 17 February 2009