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Dear All
This is to brief you regarding my talk with Vicas on the wikieducator project. We met on thursday, fifth Nov, 2009.

We have decided to:[edit]

1. meet at 2 on monday, the 9th.
2. the following students will attend the meeting -- those who have already done the wiki course: Samarth, User:Samarthetfield vicas, smriti, User:Smriti shukla mansi; those who would complete the online wiki course by monday: sonal, arun, sahil, rohith, and others + the remaining office bearers of the ZEST.
I would like Anubha mam to be present in the meeting.

The meeting will:[edit]

1. decide on various ways to improve our existing wikipage,
2. distribute tasks (editing, uploading pictures, documents and other media files) to various people,
3. evolve mechanisms to ensure that the allocated tasks are carried out in a time bound manner,
4. device steps to ensure that our wikipage is constantly updated and accessed.
We also talked about the feasibility of bringing out a magazine by the English Society. Let us see whether we can pursue it further.
Looking forward for your thoughts, ideas, apprehensions, comments and Suggestions on these,

cheers >

English Honours DDUC (talk)17:53, 7 November 2009