What is happening to us????

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unfortunately, we all are trapped into the cruel setting of this mean world... but how can we get away from this vicious cycle???

we run after results to get good jobs and ultimately to get more money

we all have mercenary attitude towards life, and infact, money has become a synonym for happiness, but if we think practically then it is also valid enough...

I think people should also understand the power of humanity, apart from the power of money, which will lead them to the good stead throughout…

Sahilanand.0078 (talk)06:39, 13 February 2010

my worry is dat too much significance on money is killing human emotions..life is simple dude..we'v complicated it n money has played a destructive role... d world has become meaner n meaner....a dog eat dog world...n i hate living in sucha world wid all d fakeness around...feel suffocated..

Arun (talk)23:55, 13 February 2010

The discussion is pertinent and topical. In profit and cosumer driven economies especially in a developing world like ours how do you draw the line between want and greed? 'Santosh hi sukham or simple living high thinking' are the old Indian adages which have not lost their importance. Keeping the higher ideals alive while working towards an all round development of the society should be our main focus. We will need to think beyonfd Me,and mine. Keep the thought alive and lets plan one simple act of kindness. lets think what it could be? anubha

English Honours DDUC (talk)04:54, 16 February 2010