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about me

my name is ARUN ARORA...

i am a delhiite..pursuing enlish honours (2nd year) from the delhi university...

i believe in living life in the moment and i consciously try to remain positive although sometimes things just get to me and i feel like breaking free...

i am liberal in my thoughts..i care for people close to me..they are necessary for my existence..i do not trust people easily..

and before i forget-i hate fakeness...just cant stand what you are with me...hate hypocrites..

like the idea of a real world based on equality, true love..i think people are losing respect for each other and are less tolerant these days..its such a ruthless society these days..:(

dont like complicating things..

i believe in god and the presence of god in my life and that gives me strength.. i love my parents..

My interests

i like reading thought provoking books that give me a new perspective and help me evolve as a person... i am amused to see how different people react to a situation differently..i have this power to think from others' point of view..this ensures that i get along with all kinds of people..

i like observing things around me and interacting with strangers..

music and dance come as a big relief for me..i dont know how would i have existed without music...a peculiar thing about me is that sometimes i dance without music..:)

i just love to irritate the hell out of my younger brother who is gradually becoming my size...we fight over 'nothing'...:) i am game for any adventure...and before i die i'd like to do salsa and bungee jumping...

favourite actors (male/female)

- naseerudin shah

- tom alter

- vinay pathak

- konkana sen

- irrfan khan

- sharukh khan

- aamir khan

- hrithik roshan

- amitabh bachchan

- julia roberts

- brad pitt

- anne hatheway

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