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Dear Friends,

Coordinator: Dr. Rohith Vikas, Arun, Sahil, Sonal Kanika I am sorry to note that the performance of the new wikiteam is minimal to say the least. We need to revive this page, so what is the plan? Please update the page with your report on trip and the english society report. You do not even talk on this page. Please, this is your page and do not let it die with your silence.Let me see how many of you respond to this! If u need to learn ur basics please get in touch with Samarth. Thanks. Anubha

English Honours DDUC (talk)04:03, 16 February 2010

of late i'v been looking for a medium to express my thoughts and feelings forgetting that i have my own den in wiki...:) so i am going to use this page more often and i hope people respond because its nice to know what and how others think...i had a chat with a 1st year student and sadly most of them have forgotten about wiki...:(

and ma'm i think we need more exposure and a platform to speak freely..we do have opinions and thoughts about the world around us but seldom express them...after all as pramesh sir says we are not selling soaps but formulating ideas reading the writers who have made a difference and shaped civilisations..

P.S-the BCL experience was wonderful..looking forward to many more such events..

Arun (talk)04:40, 16 February 2010
Sahilanand.0078 (talk)05:51, 16 February 2010

firstly, pardon for our inactive attitude towards our own wiki page... ma'am recently we were discussing on the same topic and we are gradually trying to do something or the other for this page... as arun said, we are also trying make it a medium to express our general thoughts over anything around us... moreover, in the mean time we'll also think about the more different and creative things which we can bring onto this page...

Sahilanand.0078 (talk)05:53, 16 February 2010