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Contact-new.svg Aracelis Vazquez
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Employer:Colegio Radians, Inc.
Country:Puerto Rico, USA
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My sandbox

About Me

Hi. My name is Aracelis Vazquez. I am from Puerto Rico where I currently reside. I am an elementary school teacher in the area of Science. I work with students from 4th to 6th grade. I am currently pursuing my doctorate degree in Educational Technology.

My Work Interests

As a Science teacher I want to have my students interested in a variety of learning activities and use as much as possible the reasoning of concepts instead of learning by rote memory. While reasoning the concepts it makes sense to their lives and could be very pertinent as to understand that we constanly are involve with activities that could science related.

My Professional Development Interests

As a candidate for the area of Educational Technology, I would love to become more involve in the Open Education approach.

My areas of interest are:

  • the integration of Open Education to the classroom setting
  • collaborative learning
  • learning communities

My Pro-D Interests

  • Science in elementary grades
  • Science activities and technology integration
  • Learn to create online content
  • Establish a network of fellow educators

Training Links

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