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Please download the L4C Learning Contract. Fax +1 604 775 8210 or email
Attention to Patricia Schlicht

DAY 5 (Friday - April 30, 2009)

Developing a Pilot Project

The best way to keep your energy going on WikiEducator, is to find a way to bridge the gap between your new skills and a relevant project of value to you (usually your work interests).

We recommend developing a "Pilot Project"; in essence, a 'proof-of-concept' where you can develop materials and build a community-of-practice around your project - so that it is sustainable and scalable.

Read the wiki page on Pilot Projects for tips on supporting a pilot project at your organization or community (i.e., developing additional teaching resources, learning activities or curricula.)

As you move forward (and after the course), ask your facilitators for assistance. We will be glad to help.

Navigation: Organizing Your Pages

WikiEducator is a 'flat' structure, which means that pages can be created anywhere. However, over time it can become difficult to actually find your pages. When you develop a project, please consider how you will organize your pages, so that you can find them!

For example, in the Community Media space, we have recommended that ALL materials created be logically placed on a page within the path of the Organisation Home Page.

  1. ECONEWS Organization -
  2. ECONEWS Workshop Materials -

On WikiEducator an organization's home page may look like this.

  • When new (downlevel) content is required, go to your User Page.
  • Insert the cursor wherever you want to create a link to the New Page.
  • Think of a name for your new page
  • Enter the following wiki syntax:
    • two open brackets "[[" followed by...
    • a forward slash "/" followed by....
    • the "Page Name" followed by....
    • two closed brackets "]]"
    • Wiki syntax: [[ / New Page / ]]
    • Click here to see the actual wiki syntax
  • Click "save"
    • The syntax will create a red link, just like this (different page name, of course!): New Page
  • Click on the red link "New Page" - which is now linked to your User Page.
  • Begin inserting content
  • Write a brief description in the Summary box (at bottom of the input window)
  • Click "Save"

For more info on creating pages, go to: New Pages

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Tip: Promoting & Cross-Referencing Your OER Project

Quality Assurance

We recognize that Quality Assurance is a very important component of learning materials development. There is a major effort underway to look at and deal with these issues. Please visit the Quality Assurance Framework portal, and review the links of interest.

Community Media Radio Practitioners / HIV AIDS Treatment Literacy Experts

WikiEducator also has many nodes where educators and community stakeholders gather to develop educational content. Check out the Community Media and HIV AIDS Treatment Literacy Experts, for example.

We have a Community Media Peer Discussion Group and a LearnShare HIV AIDS Discussion Group - we invite you to join us, and inform our community when you are working on learning materials and events of interest.

Teacher Collaboration

We also have a Teacher Collaboration Portal where teachers openly share ideas, practices, and developing resources around the Globe. You can subscribe to Teacher Collaboration Group.

Special Education space on WikiEducator

Visit our new Special Education Portal. Join the WikEducator 4 Special Education Google Group. Help us grow!

Free Cultural Works, Copyright & Licensing

On every page of the wiki is a copyright notice. Look for a yellow icon with CC BY SA on it: FInd that icon below and click it to read the copyright statement.

  1. Read the Tutorial on Free Content
  2. Read the story of Otago Polytechnic's Intellectual Property Policy that enabled its staff to work with WikiEducator