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(Comment.gif: Keep up the good work, Vaisualua. Welcome to the WikiEducator community. I have certified you. you are well on your way of becoming a Wikimaster. Cheers, Patricia)

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Employer:NUS Institute of Technology
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Talofa. My name is a real Samoan name, meaning water that is not sweet and not salty or 'Sour Water'. No worries I'm not sour. I'm sweet and sour. That's a very sexy name(addition by Lina, keeping it coz it...)Grew up in a village in the biggest island of Samoa. Savaii it is. Yeah married and have just 4 girls ha! big family of course. See u tomorrow. enough for the first day of Wikieducator..

Name: Vaisualua
Age: never mind
Address: Tanumaleko
Country: SAMOA


I like collecting drawings from my daughters daily sketchings and paintings especially the ones i like. This is one.

Click for more of me OR Download my cv vai_curriculum OR go to nuswebsite

Wikieducator L4C4 September 2008

Today I'm supposed to add some stuff to my Wikieducator user page





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