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Motootua, Apia, Samoa

Ph: 25674 a.h. 21428 ext 140 wk Mobile: 7715400

Fax 28954 wk.

Vaisualua Posese Okesene


To commit to learning and putting to practice strategies to make improvement on myself, my home, my workplace, organization, country and the region.


1999 – 2007(to date)    Samoa Polytechnic, NUS IoT       Samoa

Senior lecturer Computing

§ Supervise computing staff – meetings, follow up tasks and conduct appraisal reports.

§ Manage department’s budget

§ Manage computer labs – lab timetables, house keeping, request for services

§ Monitor and upgrade the Cert. Computer Operating program;

                                  -  screening and enrollment of applicants

- results documentation and presentation

- curriculum review, development and documentation

§ Facilitate in delivering computing courses for both full time programs and short courses.

§ Develop course manuals and descriptors for computing courses in both full time programs and short courses.

§ Give training and assist staff on computer applications and skills through CAT and when needed.

§ Develop and help moderate computing exam papers.

§ Coordinate short courses – hire part time tutors, document and present results.

§ Actively involve in School meetings and Industry Advisory Panel meetings.

1998 Samoa Polytechnic Samoa

Lecturer Gr 1 Computing

§ Teach computing courses for both full time and short courses.

§ Develop computing exam papers

§ Assist senior lecturer.

1991–1994 Public Service Commission Samoa


§ Analyse manual system of record keeping.

§ Revise and upgrade computerized database system for PSC records

§ Transfer from manual system of record keeping to computerized system

§ Create and print Classification list of all PSC employees.

§ Conduct training for staff on database application.

§ Supervise data entry operators


·         MS Office XP and 2003, Windows XP, Adobe Pagemaker 7, Publisher, Photoshop 7.2, HTML

· Development of customized Database application – MS Access and Dbase iv.

· Computer Networking and Inter-networking concepts and applications through Cisco training.

· MS Windows Networking essentials and MS Windows Server 2000.


·         Installing basic hardware – floppy disk drive, CD-Rom, RAM chips, hard disk, data projector, printer

· Installing software from CD-ROM and server

· Creating and monitoring user accounts on server.

· Maintaining computer – disk cleanup, de-fragmentation, running antivirus, checking and fixing errors, scheduling tasks

· Cleaning computer hardware – spray inside system and clean keyboards

· Troubleshooting the network connectivity

· Making Power point presentation

· Using Internet for information searching

· Teaching skills for normal and special-need students


Secondary : Samoa College

1982 - 1986

§ School Cert and University Entrance cert.


1988 – 1991 University South Australia Australia

§ B.A., Communication Studies, July 1991

1995 USP Fiji

· Dipl. Computing (partly completed)

1999 – 2000 Samoa Polytechnic(assoc. Christchurch Poly) Samoa

§ CAT (Certificate Adult Teaching)

Other training


· Adv. Cert. Counselling skills Samoa Polytechnic (&AusAid) Samoa


· Cert. of Achievement for

MS Windows 2000 Network & Operating Essentials CSL (MS Cert Ed Center) Samoa


· Cisco instructor training (sem 1 - 4 old vers.)


· Cisco instructor training (sem 1 & 2 new vers) NUS Cisco Academy Samoa

2006 Regional Conference (PacInet2006) Samoa

2005 SamoaIT conference Samoa

2005 SQL Training Samoa


Socializing, newspaper reading, teaching, learning on Internet, cooking