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Me and my work

Well its been 10 years now since i've been a lecturer in computing. I have enough technical skills to

  • indicate my connection to a network,
  • use MS Office to an advanced level
  • use Windows XP to a great extent
  • use Pagemaker, Photoshop and InDesign for publishing
  • use online software for surveying

Work involvement

my job involves liasing with the industry through Industry Advisory Panel, as well as coordinating and teaching computing courses.

What do i think about technology and resouces created

Just from the introductory remarks and the video clip shown i'll say that this technology of using Wikieducator will have remarkable results for our children in the future.. Or even right now if we have

  1. a computer at home
  2. with internet connection
  3. an account with Wikieducator
  4. show them how and

Boom!! We'll have a daughter baking us a carrot cake or making sushi OR

  • showing us the news they got off the OR
  • we'll have a national community of women exporting some local produce that was learnt to be planted over the Wikieducator

So in short ==Beautiful== Yes, i would like to share my skills and knowledge especially in my area of work with students of any age and just anyone that needs some of what i know especially in 1 or 2 pages handouts with some photos or diagrams. A ha! Enough about me. ta da..