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This lesson introduces the concept and application of remotely accessing a computer. The steps on how to set pcs at boths ends are given. Definition|
Remote acess is when you are at a different location for example at home and you need to connect to your computer at work because you need to continue with some work that you started at the office.

With Remote Desktop on Windows XP Professional, you can have access to all your applications, files, and network resources as though you were in front of your computer at work. You can leave programs running on the work pc and when you get home you will see these same programs running on your computer at home after you connect.

When you connect to your computer at work, Remote Desktop automatically locks that computer so no one else can access your applications and files while you are gone. You can always unlock when you get back.

More than one user can have active sessions on a single computer. This means that multiple users can leave their applications running and preserve that state of their Windows session while others are logged on.

Advantages of Remote Desktop are obvious. Apart from editing a document on the pc at work, you can even copy from pc at work and paste to a document at home. So ' THERE YOU GO

Remote access enables a variety of scenarios including

  • work at home - alone
  • collaborating - a collegue can open and edit your work
  • sharing a console - mulitple users can have different configuration sessions on one same computer

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  • to enable learner to remotely access a desktop
  • to enable learner to utilize this practice to enhance learning or work practices

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This is the main pre knowledge

  • learner should already have the basic computing skills
  • an advantage if learner already has some knowledge on concepts of networking

Make sure you read this carefully

What you need

  1. both computers ie, the one to be accessed(eg in office) and the one accessing must be connected to Internet and/or LAN
  2. both computers must be running Windows XP or another compatible operating system
  3. appropriate user accounts and permission already set on the desktop to be accessed ie. you must specify which user can remotely access the desktop
  4. allow 'Remote Access on the computer to be accessed (in office)

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For this activity you need to first of all:
  1. allow the pc at work for remote access.. BEFORE
  2. you can access it

NB usually the Administrator account is required to allow pc for remote desktop access

Computer at Work - Steps Computer at home - Steps
1 Right click on My Computer, Properties, Remote

1 To start your access
Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories Communications
2 Tick  Allow users to connect remotely to this computer

2 Click on Remote Desktop Connection

3 Select user accounts that you are allowing to connect remotely to this computer eg yourself and friends or members of group

3 Type computer name that you want to have a session with OR browse [You must know your network connection ie Domain etc.]

4 Close
4 Supply username and password when prompted