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This is my sandpit where I just try things out

Text formatting

This is bold (which is done by typing ""bold"")
This is italic (which is done by typing "italic")
This is bold and italic (which is done by typing """bold and italic""")
This is an internal link

A heading 2

A link to a file will be here (eventually)
A file link
A mathematical formulae (LaTeX)
Ignore wiki formatting

This will be my signature --Stuart 03:51, 10 September 2008 (UTC) A HR - which I use a a lot, but only sparingly

Redirect (what's this?)


External Links

You can just type a URL to link to a website: (I just typed

These are reckoned to be 'unfriendly'
To create a named link just type the link and the description, separated by a space and enclosed in single square brackets like this ([]):

Internal Links

To make an internal link (to another page within the Wiki) you use double-square brackets: To link to my homepage:
Hightlight the text and click the Internal Link' button
To create a link with a nicer name use a pipe (Piped Links)...
[[User:stuartrmealor|Stuart's page]]
Stuart's page
(Omit the http://... bit)

To create a new page 'on the fly' you can just create a new page like this...
[[eFest08 - Stuart's perspectives]]
eFest08 - Stuart's perspectives
(The red question mark indicates the page had not been created yet)


Indents are added using a colon (or multiple colons)
This text has no indent

This text has one indent
This text has two indents
This text has three indents

Bulleted Lists

  • First (which is entered as * First)
    • Second (which is entered as ** Second)
      • Third (which is entered as *** Third)

Numbered Lists

  1. One (which is entered as # One)
  2. Two (which is entered as # Two)
    1. Two point One (which is entered as ## Two point one)
  3. Three (which is entered as # Three)

Watch out for...

  • Leaving a space before the asterisk (*) - the asterisk must be place against the left margin.
  • Leaving an open line between two items in a numbered list - in this case the numbers will not continue in sequence.

Mixing Lists

  1. The first item in the list
  2. The second item in the list
    • The first nested bullet (#* The first nested bullet)
    • The second nested bullet (#* The second nested bullet)
  3. The third item in the list

Images and media

Syntax for ading images is:
Image formats possible are: .gif, .jpg, .png. and .svg
Filenames are case sensitive.

Uploading my own image


Full syntax

The full syntax for an image is:
[[Image:file name|type|location|size|caption]]
Note the name you enter here does not have to be the same as the actual name of the picture you will upload. The wiki will rename the image if the names are different.
Only File:File name is actually required. Most images should use [[Image:name|thumb|Example image caption]] (and should not specify a size).
Most simple syntax is like this [[Image:networkedlearning.jpg]] and produces:

Added the 'thumb' attribute, left aligned, and a caption [[Image:networkedlearning.jpg|thumb|left|Creative Commons makes it flow.]]:

Creative Commons makes it flow.

(Default image size for a thumbnail is 180 pixels).
(American spelling for "center").
With a frame (and centred) [[Image:networkedlearning.jpg|frame|center|Creative Commons makes it flow.]]:

Creative Commons makes it flow.

Problem with layout? Try this:
<br style="clear:both;" />

Image sources

  1. Flickr Creative Commons - Search Flickr for images covered by Creative Commons licenses.
  2. Wikimedia Commons - repository for freely licensed photographs, diagrams, animations, music, spoken text, video clips, and media of all sorts.
  3. Openphoto - searchable by license type.


Inserting a pdf is done as [[media:name_of_file.pdf|Here is a link to a pdf]]:
Here is a link to a pdf
Only use .odt (Open Office) format.


Inserting mp3's is similar to pdf's [[media:name_of_file.mp3|Here is a link to an mp3]]:
Here is a link to an mp3



  1. One
  2. Two


Icon objectives.jpg



Icon objectives.jpg
my Objectives will go here:
  • one
  • two

Icon activity.jpg
Text for your activity goes here. You can add bullet lists
  • first bullet
  • second bullet

Icon assess.gif


Text for your assignment goes here. If you like you can include a numbered list:
  1. First item
  2. Second item
    • Sub-bullet
    • Sub-bullet

Icon casestudy.gif
Case Study

Icon inter.gif

Web Resources

Taken from Database page

Tutorial.png Database Concepts 

What is a Database | How a Database is Organized | Data Types | Normalization | Self Assessment | Summary & FAQs

Playing with Subpages

Big Cats

Testing Templates

For the CCNC we will probably just use one of the standard templates.
There may be reason to create a new one later, e.g. for ensuring the navigation does not get in the way, but can still accommodate lots of links to subpages.
The WET1_Structure looks to be fine for our purpose at this stage?
in action it looks like this

I'm still confused on this...
I think it's a good idea to create content, and then design template(s) later - as it suggests somewhere?
Need to put work into this - maybe create a navigation template for my Cats pages?