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If you look at the title of this page you will notice that it is called: Wikieducator tutorial/Thinking about Structure/Subpages. Thinking about Structure is the title of this particular tutorial in the Wikieducator Tutorial, and Subpages is the name of the page within the tutorial that we are currently on. The page entitled Subpages can be thought of as a child of the Thinking about Structure page, which in turn is a subpage (or child) of the greater Wikieducator tutorial page/project.

Making a new link that begins with a / (slash) is the common way to start a subpage. The page to which this link points is considered "subordinate" to its host page, and is titled and linked as [[Parentpage/Subpage]]. It is possible to create a subpage of a subpage (or a sub-subpage). At the top of each subpage or sub-subpage, you can find a backlink (aka breadcrumb) to the higher levels of the page.

Making Subpages

If you wanted to create a subpage called Tiger from the parent page called Big Cats you would:

  1. make sure you are on the parent page node, in this example Big Cats, then
  2. create a new wiki page in the normal way by using the two square brackets but precede the new page name with a slash ("/"). For example:

This will display the link with the slash ("/") like this: /Tiger, which may be a bit confusing to some readers.

There are two ways you can fix this. Either

  1. Add an extra slash: [[/Tiger/]] at the end of your link (which "tells" the wiki software not to display the preceding slash) or
  2. create a piped link, for example: [[/Tiger|Tiger]]. This is useful when the page link contains a number of slash arguments, or you want to display a more descriptive title to the user. Both of these methods will result in a link like this:

This is actually a subpage of the current page.

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Create a new subpage from your User page. (You should already have a subpage called "My sandbox", which we created in a previous activity).

  • Navigate to your user page by clicking on your username at the top of this page;
  • edit your user page and add a link for a useful subpage for your own context, for example:
    • publications like this: [[/publications/]] or [[/publications/|List of publications]];
    • upcoming assignments, like this: [[/Assignments/]] or [[/Assignments|Upcoming Assignments]]
    • To do list, like this: [[/To_do_list/|To do list]]
  • after saving your user page, the sub-page link you have just created should appear as a red-link, indicating a new page without content
  • click on this link and add new content for your sub-page.
  • click save.