CCNC/CCNC Module 5/The database application/Database Concepts/Self Assessment

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Tutorial.png Database Concepts 

What is a Database | How a Database is Organized | Data Types | Normalization | Self Assessment | Summary & FAQs

Self Assessment

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Upon completion of this self assessment the learner will:
  • Assess their understanding of basic database concepts
  • Create an ER diagram from an artifact they are familiar
  • Normalize entities to second normal form
  • Fully attribute the identified entities

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Portfolio Activity

  1. Find one or two forms or information sheets from within your school or business.
  2. Review these artifacts to determine which you could most easily identify the entities, their attributes and the relationships among the entities.
  3. Using a pencil and paper draw an entity relationship diagram of the entities and attributes discovered from the artifact.
  4. Review the ER diagram and draw fully attributed entity diagrams to second normal form. Identifying data types for each attribute.
  5. Determine which attribute is mandatory and which is optional, makes notes to your rationale.