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Ideas for a learning contract project

The purpose of the learning contract is to identify a wiki project to practice your skills and give the gift of knowledge. In short there are four things you can do:

  1. Create a new resource for sharing with the WikiEducator community.
  2. Donate an existing teaching resource you have created and own by converting this into wiki format for sharing under an open content license.
  3. Join an existing WikiEducator project.
  4. Establish and support a community node in the wiki.

Below we provide a few ideas and examples to help you identify a suitable project -- the choice is yours.

  • If you are a lecturer, you could design an OER assignment for your students as part of the official requirements for your course. The Biology in Elementary Schools project hosted by St Michael's college in Vermont, USA is an excellent example where student teachers work in teams to develop lessons, try these out in the classroom and improve them based on the experience. Students are graded on their work as part of their course requirements and the lessons are gifted to the WikiEducator community. You are most welcome to invite your students to join one of our monthly free Learning4Content workshops so you don't have to worry about teaching wiki skills in your course.
  • OERu participants can commence work on their courses.
  • You could collaborate with participants in this workshop to establish a national, state or provincial OER node on WikiEducator or join one of the existing national initiatives. See for example the OERNZ project which is building a national OER commons for the New Zealand School sector, or the Indian chapter of WikiEducator for ideas.
  • You could establish an OER portal page for your institution to coordinate and collaborate on OER projects. See for example the DEHub in Australia or Otago Polytechnic's OER projects, or Warrington School. It's easy to set up a free portal page in WikiEducator using our pre-designed template which you can customise to suite your needs.
  • If you teach postgraduate qualifications in Education, you may consider joining the Open Course Collaboratory project which will develop a post graduate elective in OER which your own institution could teach.
  • If you're more ambitious, you may want to develop an OER course on WikiEducator, see for example: Flexible Learning Guidebook or Facilitating Online (Note these courses may be live so best not to edit them ;-)).
  • If you're a school teacher, you could develop a lesson plan, student worksheet or project. Take a look at what Albany Senior High School are doing for ideas.
  • You can start an open textbook project. The OER Handbook is a good example of a open textbook developed on WikiEducator and available for purchase as a bound textbook through in black and white or colour versions. The text is also available as a free download both on WikiEducator and
  • If you are into language learning, start a beginner's language course. Example: A Beginners Guide to Oshikwanyama. This language's community page has some ideas for enhancements. Localise the idioms and share some insights into your culture too :-).