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About the project

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The OER Course Collaboratory is an international collaboration among individuals and institutions to create, reuse, revise and remix OER course materials and resources on the topic of open education. In short OERs for courses on OER. The OER Course Collaboratory is a resource sharing initiative without institutional barriers. Working together we can achieve far more than working alone. Individual institutions will retain their autonomy to teach, accredit and credentialise these OER courses within their existing qualifications.

What we aim to achieve

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The purpose of the OER Course Collaboratory is to:
  • Widen access to learning opportunities on OER
  • Increase the number of institutions offering programmes on open content
  • Develop an exemplar demonstrating cost efficiencies and sustainability through OER while creating opportunities for institutions to diversify their curriculum offerings including low enrolment courses



Work in progress -- news content to follow soon ....


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