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  • Community

If you find this course useful, in the spirit of "wiki education", please enhance it.

Ideas for Enhancement

Multi-Media Enhancements

  • Compose and add links to media files of people speaking the words/ sentences.
  • Make illustrations, sound tracks and videos for the course (use only free file formats)



  • Generally and continually, improve the layout and quality of pages. See File:Hai-ti.odt (close to the original - copy found here).
  • Incorporate the answers to exercises: File:Hai-ti-answer-key.odt ("wikify" and check that they still match).
  • Incorporate and enhance the glossary/dictionary: File:Hai-ti-glossary.odt ("wikify").
  • Make a page of links to the "Grammar Corners" or find some other way to make them easily accessible.
  • Fix any cross-referencing issues (e.g. change referrals to pages or pictures in the book to suitably labeled page links).


Add a link to your user page if you would like to connect with people learning/teaching Oshikwanyama (indicate your role):

  • Kim Tucker (just starting this community and willing to point people in the right direction on how to enhance the pages - e.g. Learning4Content).