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Open Source Software Aim:

To create an OER resource for students, teachers and others that explains and shares Open Source Software in NZ

  • Explores:
    • Economic model
    • Licensing
  • Benefits to NZ:
  • Historical development
  • Promotes OSS use in NZ Schools
    • Interview Vlogs showcasing the diverse users of OSS
  • Assist others with OSS
    • Share Creative Commons Licensed "articles and stories for NZ Primary Schools"
      • Using WikiEducator
        • NZ School Journal - CC?
Mathematical concepts and technical vocab suitable for NZ primary students


  • To gather information from amateur/professional scientists who use, administer and deploy OSS
    • Warrington Students and other people from Dunedin, Christchurch, NZ, Overseas (TBC)
  • Using WikiEducator to record peoples stories
    • Begin with Warrington students


Seeking assistance from


  • RP - Presbytarian Support
  • AK - Linux Works
  • JB - Otago Access Radio/Country Radio Dunedin
  • PC - Copyleft
  • Free Software users - children - pre-school/school/tertiary, elderly, disabled, cultural,


  • Egressive


  • Wellington
    • Ministry Of Education
    • Catalyst
    • Novell
  • Auckland
    • OLPC
  • UK
    • Canonical


  • Either April - September
    • or
  • January - July
Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg