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Fuller Minds, Clear Conscience: The Rise Of Envirethical Teaching

A taster session at uLearn Christchurch 5th-8th October 2010

Not content just to serve up education that is technically sound and ticks the boxes, teachers should be able to do so with a crystal clear conscience too.
  • Recognising that I am fortunate to be a teaching Principal in the developed world has led me to deliberate over environmental and ethical issues.
  1. What coffee should I drink?
  2. Where are our school footballs made?
  3. Should I be supporting overseas corporations?
  4. What do I do with obsolescent technology?
  5. Where has my tie gone?
Open Education has the potential to support Envirethical teaching within the global community.

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To share how the use of Open Education can lead to the delivery of a clear conscience Envirethical curriculum
  • Using WikiEducator and this page for:
    • sorting my ideas in readiness for sharing at ULearn
    • to improve my wiki skills and hopefully demonstrate the WikiEducator potential
    • share the Warrington School journey of Gnu/Linux history, Ubuntu philosophy, Open education and an Envirethical curriculum
    • to investigate Open software suitable for small schools

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Space Station Technology

"Full Stomach Clear Conscience" originated from

             "An association designed to help restaurants become more sustainable"

I felt that if restaurant patrons and workers could aim for a clear consciousness, then educators should be aiming for this as well?

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Clear Conscience
I recognise that as a teacher the education and welfare of students within my charge are paramount.
Therefore meeting students diverse needs is a priority - this is made up of multi faceted components and I believe in NZ we already do a fantastic job.

But is there more to education than our own students and school?

  • Can we NZ educators:
    • Develop resources that will empower, enrich and assist other teacher and learners?
    • Assist teachers and students in developing nations struggling with - poverty, education, environmental degradation and ill health?
    • Alter our teaching practice to help students and teachers in other nations?

One Laptop Per Child

So how did we end up in this misgiving place

the way to create art is to burn and destroy ordinary concepts and to substitute them with new truths
          that run down from the top of the head and out from the heart 
             Charles Bukowski 

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Case Study

Components of Open:

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Some other bits

NZ educational resources

  • New Zealand archival educational releases from our past.
  • Converted into digital format for the NZOER - School Journal stories - my favourites such as Ed Hillary on the Ganges, The Pupu pools, Bio Gas Coverter in India and Poems of J.K.Baxter. articles from our
==What Warrington School would do with $186 per computer==