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Join the flock and head to the hills

Digital Peasantry

Don't give a toss about other peoples coffee drinking habits?
Tired of morphed furry animals or food smeared kid photos? 
Digitally distracted by the white noise of all your "friends"?
See the newest gadget for what it is...
Want to save whales, but they wont fit into the lounge,
and the lounge is overflowing with injured and dying pcs,
and water from a wet whale could further damage the pcs. 

Peasants have nourished the land for thousands of years, peasants will nourish the digital world too

Its time to:

  • Resist keeping up with the latest technological trends
  • Work towards friendships that are based around sharing of the same physical space
  • Find new uses for old and obsolete technology
  • Get our fingers dirty with soil
  • Have our noses filled with cpu fan dust
  • ...and have drawers over-flowing with old sticks of ram

Levels of peasantry

  • Level One - Bob and Sheila D who are running an old computer they bought using Sheila's retirement money in 1999
    • It is Y2K compliant and runs nicely on dial up
    • The ball mouse was replaced with a new one with a red light under its belly
    • Sheila likes to play Patience most afternoons after she has checked her email account
  • Level Two - Pete has his old computer running GNU/Linux
    • Using his old and now replaced Pentium 4 computer and choosing to wipe the disc clean
    • Pete used a disc he was given by his workmate John the technician to get his computer running
    • Ubuntu is the name of Pete's operating system
    • John helped Pete by answering a couple of questions
  • Level Three - Vicky runs a GNU/Linux operating system on an old salvaged computer
    • At university Vicky's zoology lecturer showed Vicky how to pull apart an old lab computer
    • At home Vicky tried out her new computer skills on a computer she found at the recycle center
    • The computer runs Debian a reliable operating system that her lecturer recommended
  • Level Four - Dana and Sprout run a scaled down GNU/Linux operating system on a really old salvaged computer
    • The keyboard sticks a bit as mud has become lodged between a few keys
    • Tape holds the wrong sized CD drive in place
    • Their computer operating system is Puppy Linux

Digital Peasants Guide to social preserves

What is a facebook - FAQ

  • Is this similar to botox and will the needles hurt?
  • Will my grand children still recognize me?

Why my hens won't tweeter - FAQ

  • Is it the cheap brand of mash
  • Grit in the keyboard

Whats new in digital hygiene - is the pad here to stay?

  • Long live the mouse

Peasant music

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