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Effective Communication Using Digitally Written Language

Students at approximately these ages:

  • 5-7 are getting the vagaries of written language, retelling a good yarn using a set formula, their hand eye co-ordination allows them to use a pencil and keyboard to record ideas
  • 7-9 are mastering the writing process and are experimenting with their own style, they can effectively manipulate a pen, keyboard and camera to record and share their voice
  • 9+ are moving into the digital realm of communicating,creating and sharing their own voice in online digital communities

How can we assist students to improve their on-line writing

  • Checklists of
    • Modelling my own writing process
    • Blogs - leaving a comment
    • BBFM Reporters - staff member overseeing crafting of writing
    • Email/chat with many senior students connecting them with educational links
    • Teacher online planning
    • Conferencing - online or face to face