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Contact-new.svg Njuki Githethwa
Employer:ECONEWS Africa
Occupation:Programme Officer, Community Media
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About Me

Njuki Githethwa is a Development Worker from Kenya. He is the Programme Officer in charge of Community Media at EcoNews Africa based in Nairobi.

Njuki supports efforts to alleviate poverty and struggles for social, economic and political justice in society through service in non-profit making development oriented initiatives.

He has worked before as a High School teacher in Kenya, teaching literature and history; a journalist and creative writer; secretary general, Release Political Prisoners lobby group, Activist and Research Officer, People Against Torture in Kenya and from November 2004 to August 2008, as the Coordinator of the Kenya Debt Relief Network(KENDREN).

He is the chairman of Laikipia Human Rights Network, the patron of Umande Rainwater Harvesting Project in Laikipia district and board member of GrootsKenya. GrootsKenya is a grassroots' women empowerment movement based in Nairobi, Kenya.


He is involved in the formulation of human rights projects and activities, communication for development strategies,especiallly on community media/radio, editorial work, creative literature and writing. His college training is in Development Studies.

Contribution to Open Educational Resources(OERs)

Interested to participate in the development of Open Educational Resources in the analysis and awareness on socio-economic, political, culture and environment justice issues; project planning and management; participatory development methodologies; organisation development; human resources management; project monitoring and evaluation; policy advocacy; establishment and management of community resource centres; research and fundraising.